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Bathroom articles tips & information

6 amazing ways to hide your washing machine in the bathroom

When it's time to hide your washing machine, things can get a little contentious. After all, who says that you actually have to conceal it out of sight anyway? Appliances are getting a lot more visually appealing these days and you need to maintain e…

18 September, 2017

Small bathrooms: 5 common problems solved

Having a small bathroom can feel like such a big problem, but if you use your space to maximum effect, you'll be shocked at how much more spacious and luxurious it could feel. Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that it's not the size of y…

14 April, 2017

11 chic and easy ideas perfect for your bathrooms

Singaporean bathrooms are often small, but they often benefit from good sunlight and a fresh, modern aesthetic. This often makes it oh-so-easy to dress up a good little bathroom without spending a whole lot of money.

10 April, 2017

8 things every little bathroom needs to look bigger

There’s no doubt about it, small bathrooms can be the bane of one’s domestic life. Squashy, squishy and inconvenient, a tiny wash space is sure to elicit all sorts of frustrations and design conundrums.

06 April, 2017

10 small bathrooms with clever window placements

Your bathroom is a necessary space that should look and feel wonderfully inviting, eminently usable and, as fresh as possible, but if you don't have your windows in the right place, all of these elements can be hard to capture! Ask any interior desig…

05 April, 2017

10 small bathroom ideas you will fall in love with

Of all the rooms in a house, the bathroom is the one where we spend the most time relaxing without any inhibition as we wash away our worries. We also get ready for the day here, or feel energised and renewed after a long hot bath.

01 April, 2017

16 ways to separate wet and dry areas in your bathroom

Separating wet and dry areas in a bathroom does more than simply keep the space mould free and regulate humidity—it's a stylistic choice, and one that ensures the space is comfortable, accessible and easy to clean.

29 March, 2017

12 bathroom details that make all the difference

So many people focus all their design genius and budget on the more sociable rooms in the house, which means that practical spaces, such as bathrooms, are something of an afterthought—but we want to change that! Ask any bathroom designer and they'l…

22 March, 2017

20 magical bathrooms that will inspire you to upgrade yours

If you've been craving a better bathroom for a while, we think this article is going to be the final push that you need to actually get on with a total redesign—we've found some of the most luxurious, incredible and unusual spaces out there! The ba…

17 March, 2017

​8 easy-to-copy ideas for a dream bathroom

When designing your dream home, it's essential to pay equal attention to each area of the house, including that frequently neglected space – the bathroom. Though so often relegated to the bottom of the pile when planning your décor, the bathroom is a…

12 March, 2017