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Bedroom articles tips & information

9 ideas for stylish bedroom partitions

Whether it’s an open-plan layout you want to separate into different zones or just want to block off your work station from your sleeping area, partitioning any room is a means to enjoy more privacy and maintain a relaxing space.

10 November, 2019

10 design don’ts of modern bedrooms

It’s no secret that a lot of houses with neat-as-a-pin social areas (like living rooms and dining areas) often hide cluttered and unkempt bedrooms. But why is this? Solely because bedrooms are private zones, meaning they are not open to visitors (not…

30 October, 2019

5 style tips for small bedrooms

Big or small, round or square, all bedrooms have a purpose: function. Because in addition to providing us with a space for sleeping, a bedroom is also the room where we engage in other activities such as dressing, working (either with a cosy desk in…

30 September, 2019

A beautiful house with modern and impressive interiors

This is the story of Mérida, Mexico, the city which now occupies the very ground that once formed a part of the Mayan city of T’hó. Mérida is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in this part of the world.

04 September, 2017

7 amazing tiny bedrooms to copy

If you possess a minuscule bedroom, it's easy to become disheartened at the supposed lack of design and stylistic options for your space. Let’s face it, we all dream of a lavish, luxurious and large sleeping space, but the reality (in Singapore…

15 August, 2017

10 ways to make small bedrooms look bigger

Living in a big city often means compromising on space, and when your floor plan is limited, it's often the apartment bedroom that is the first domestic area to suffer. But what can be done? The design and decoration of your home is the first and eas…

14 April, 2017

13 ideas for small bedrooms (to make them look beautiful!)

Today on homify we’re going to take a look at how you can make the most of your small bedroom with these stylish and inventive decorating tips. There’s a common misconception that small bedrooms will inevitably feel cramped and lack the sumptuousness…

10 April, 2017

20 very practical solutions for small homes

When buying or renting an abode, one of the most common issues is that of space. The most affordable dwellings often come in ultra small sizes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be functional, usable and efficient homes.

09 April, 2017

7 low-cost ideas for chic and dreamy bedroom decor

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, serene bedroom to return to after a gruelling day at work? This one room of the house is your sanctuary where you can be yourself, rest, dream and unwind.

24 March, 2017

10 creative ways to bring a touch of magic to your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important living spaces in the house—a private retreat where you unwind in comfort after the day’s tensions, whether to sleep, read or just relax with a cup of tea.

21 March, 2017