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The dramatic makeover of an old apartment

When you aim for a fine balance between light, colour and structure, you end up creating something that is well designed both technically and aesthetically. Our next before & after tour perfectly demonstrates this very quality, as the designers…

13 September, 2017

An old and aged residence transformed to an ultramodern abode

We love it when a residence undergoes a transformation so drastic that it's hard to recognise the original layout. This huge, decadent home in the Mexican state of Sonoroa is one such lucky home.

08 September, 2017

9 amazing façade transformations that will inspire you to renovate yours

With big cities becoming ever more crowded and the demand for more housing, even the shabbiest homes are being snapped up and treated a royal makeover. At the same time, people with capital are considering holiday homes in far-flung regions where you…

06 September, 2017

From bleak to chic: the stylish makeover of a tiny home

With more and more property buyers seeking sleek, modern homes, selling old houses has become challenging. And if the house you're planning to sell looks aged, drab or cluttered, you're less likely to get a good price or the right buyer.

15 March, 2017

The magical makeover of this tiny Asian apartment

Today's before & after home tour has us floored with its creative design and colourful finishes. Prior to its makeover, the classic lines and template of the home were lacking some serious fun.

10 March, 2017

The stylish makeover of a young couple's tiny apartment

With rising property prices and a tight budget, investing in a big, spacious house can be a distant dream for a young married couple. However, with good planning and a little ingenuity, even a small residence can blend both functionality and style to…

21 February, 2017

Apartment rescue: a young couple's dream makeover project

Today on homify, we bring you the renovation project of an apartment which needed to be completely gutted and re-styled to bring it into the modern age. The property belongs to a young couple, and proves that no structurally sound property is beyond…

19 February, 2017

8 home staging tricks to make the most of your small flat

Does designing your small home seem like a daunting challenge? Then why not try using some of these 8 clever staging ideas? They're designed to make the most of the tiniest spaces! These designers and home stagers have done just that in our next…

15 February, 2017

The apartment makeover that will leave you speechless

Dull, dreary and uninviting décor can have a huge impact on the overall value and desirability of your abode. Whether you’re trying to sell your property or not, updating your home's interior style can ensure your dwelling remains trendy, alluring…

13 February, 2017

The inspiring transformation of this tiny home

Beautiful makeover stories are a true inspiration to the creative souls amongst us. And today, we're going to witness the bright and brilliant transformation of a gloomy, dated and, quite frankly, tiny apartment.

07 February, 2017