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The brilliant makeover of a bare and depressing balcony

Despite living in the middle of a city, most homeowners crave nothing more than their own little garden. But due to time and space constraints, it becomes difficult to create one from scratch. This is where the experts come in.

02 February, 2017

A dreadful bathroom gets a spectacular modern makeover

Renovation projects may be extremely challenging, but the desired end result is always achievable sooner or later. For instance, this drab and gloomy bathroom from the '70s posed a major challenge for the architects at Architetto Alberto Colella, but…

30 January, 2017

The miraculous transformation of a bare apartment

Home staging is an art that requires in-depth knowledge of interior design, as well as the ability to make any space aesthetically pleasing. Everything from curtain fabric to the position of a bedside lamp is looked at and analysed, so that the house…

27 January, 2017

5 incredible small kitchen transformations

When it comes to home decor, it's common for the living and dining rooms to take precedence over the kitchen, with the former being social areas where everyone comes together. However, the kitchen does not lag far behind in sociability! This is the…

15 January, 2017

This garish apartment gets a chic modern makeover

Every design is a work in progress—a fact that many homeowners forget. While a certain scheme or theme may have seemed like a good idea at one time, lifestyles and preferences evolve with the changing design landscape.

12 January, 2017

10 photos of a cleverly designed small apartment

Are you ready to be surprised? Wait until you see today’s feature dwelling’s massive alterations and changes! Compact and cloistered, this small apartment was looking rather shabby and certainly not at all chic.

09 January, 2017

Before & after: this apartment was unrecognisable!

Now that we have started a new year, naturally, your attention will turn to your home and all those upgrades that you kept meaning to tackle last year and we can't think of a better way to inspire you than showing you what other people have managed t…

08 January, 2017

A boring apartment gets a modern makeover—to copy!

There is something utterly invigorating about seeing an old home being given a fresh makeover. It is even more inspiring when the home suffers from decorating and layout problems that are somewhat common in older apartments.

07 January, 2017

​Kitchen makeovers: 5 jaw-dropping transformations

The kitchen is indeed the space around which the rest of the home exists. It's the epicentre where food, family time and many other needs are met. Today's Ideabook takes you through 5 amazing kitchen transformations that will leave you asking for…

07 January, 2017