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Minimalist Furniture: 20 Minimal Design Ideas To Inspire You

When done right, the saying, less is always more, does hold true. Well, it is this saying that is at the heart of minimalism. Minimal designs never go out of style because they are basic, functional, and aesthetic, all at once.

10 May, 2021

12 Easy Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Home

Whether you are settling into a new house or want to bring in some fresh changes in your already existing space, easy decor ideas for one’s home are always welcome. Sometimes it doesn’t even take much but some inspiration from some really chic homes …

07 May, 2021

How to design a bedroom that grows with your child

Whoever said that raising children is easy obviously never had any of their own – or never had to design a child’s bedroom / play space. Don’t get us wrong: any interior design project can be quite tricky if you don’t put in the appropriate planning,…

13 May, 2020

6 easy ideas for decorating kids' bedrooms

Just because your child is young doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to enjoy a perfectly styled bedroom. After all, we know that kids do so much more than just sleep in their rooms, which is why it’s vital to ensure they have adequate space and tools fo…

21 December, 2019

How to get the perfect lighting in every room

Lighting one's home can seem like a daunting and overwhelmingly challenging task. However, the right lights and illumination can drastically transform a room from dull or mediocre to dramatic and magical.

30 June, 2016

9 amazing children's bunk beds

Living in Singapore you tend to become accustomed to life in small and compact environments. Within one’s apartment this can often present certain living challenges, especially for the growing family.

11 June, 2016

6 ways to create a fun and stylish shared kids bedroom

Sharing a bedroom can be tough. There are territorial squabbles, privacy quarrels, and endless issues over possession of toys, clothes, and space. As a youngster, you inevitably want to take ownership over a room that is uniquely yours.

13 May, 2016

Baby love: cute accessories for the nursery

We hope you've read our ideabook on 'Decorating for a new baby' (if you haven't, why not pop over there now—we'll still be here when you come back!). We didn't have space there to go into all of the many, many cosy and adorable accessories that you…

05 May, 2016

Hot trends in furniture design

We all love to be in tune with the times! Our desire to learn about and follow the latest fashions also stems from that. Following the latest interior design trends helps you introduce changes that are appropriate for modern homes, suitable for small…

02 May, 2016

Tiles with style! A homify guide

The use of tiles as a decorative flooring material began hundreds of years ago. Tiles were then handcrafted from ceramic, glass and stone. Craftsmen used to create intricate motifs to beautify them further.

01 May, 2016