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Through the looking glass: a surreal creative studio in Shanghai

When designing a creative studio, it should go without saying that making sure the interior is as creative as possible is definitely going to be a good move. Of course, different people – and different architects – have different definitions of…

23 May, 2015

Luxury clubbing at District Glam Lounge, Seoul

If you were going to go to a place that billed itself as a Glam Lounge, you’d most likely expect it to be fairly, well, glam. And this particular project by Chiho  &  Partners – which is situated within an upscale bar, club and restaurant…

13 May, 2015

Restaurant Manish São Paulo

Located in the Vila Olympia quarter in São Paulo, Manish is a Lebanese restaurant designed by Odvo architects. The designers sought inspiration from Arab architecture, and worked to translate traditional elements of that style into a Brazilian contex…

19 February, 2015

Shops that go the extra mile

A shopping trip can either leave you feeling elated or exhausted, and some nicely-planned store interiors can make all the difference between the two outcomes. And yet apart from the specific wares on sale, many shops appear close to identical when…

08 February, 2015