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9 clever ways to pick your modern kitchen colours

Aiding in their sublime reputation, modern kitchens are all about banishing visual clutter in favour of a cleaner, sleeker style. But that doesn’t limit your colour choices. In fact, there are various ways of splashing different colours in your cooki…

08 January, 2021

No bathroom window? No problem! 6 tricks to keep your room fresh

In many of Singapore’s inner city apartments, bathrooms are built without windows. This means no sun, no breeze and often a build-up of moisture. Additionally, with little airflow, bathroom odour can become smelly and stale, resulting in an uninvitin…

26 September, 2020

7 features you need for an inspiring master bedroom design

Although it’s common knowledge that the kitchen is regarded as the heart of every home, some people disagree. They feel that the master bedroom should rather be awarded that coveted title, seeing as we spend almost one-third of our lives between the…

16 September, 2020

Interior design colour ideas: How to wow with white

Think of an all-white room as a blank canvas. Imagine yourself as the painter. What potential lies in this amazing relationship? We understand that you might feel excited at the prospect of styling up that white space, but expectations can be quite d…

09 July, 2020

6 tricks to soften your dining room design

Consider yourself fortunate if your home has enough space for a stand-alone dining room! There have been rumours lately that formal dining rooms are on their way out. However, seeing the rich amount of dining rooms that have been designed and styled…

28 June, 2020

Interior design done right: The colour blue

From dark and dramatic Navies to sweet and subtle Turquoises, there exists a myriad of different ways to sport the colour blue. Especially when it comes to interior design and architecture.

14 June, 2020

How to design a bedroom that grows with your child

Whoever said that raising children is easy obviously never had any of their own – or never had to design a child’s bedroom / play space. Don’t get us wrong: any interior design project can be quite tricky if you don’t put in the appropriate planning,…

13 May, 2020

6 design ideas for quirky corners and tight spaces

Tight corners and cluttered spaces are nothing new. In fact, these challenges can actually help us come up with unique ideas to be more creative with our homes’ interior features, taking a once unused corner and transforming it into something practic…

06 May, 2020

How to get the Scandinavian style right in 7 simple steps

The less-is-more look of the minimalist design style is certainly something to consider if you feel that your interiors need to be toned down in terms of visual character. However, it does sometimes happen that, in our quest for a look that’s much mo…

19 April, 2020

Enjoy a minimalist bathroom in 10 easy steps

Simple lines, gleaming white surfaces, no clutter in sight… this may sound like the bathroom of dreams, yet it’s completely possible if you commit to the minimalist design style.

28 February, 2020