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Living Alfresco! 14 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a tiny patio, a sprawling garden, a regular backyard, or just a balcony, the outdoors is very much connected to your indoor space and deserves the attention and effort that you would spend on doing up your interiors.

31 May, 2021

5 practical items for the home

If something attracts us at about a product, it's not only its beauty but also its functionality. Objects not only noted because of their refined aesthetics, material or mould breaking form, but for their practical management and how it makes our liv…

09 October, 2014

Bedroom storage ideas

If there's one thing all bedrooms have in common, it's that the storage space is scarce and there is simply never enough! However, a few simple tips will help you save space in smaller rooms, just as it would as if in the great outdoors.

08 October, 2014