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18 staircases with a stone and water garden - spectacular!

Gone are the days when staircases served a purely functional purpose in our homes. Thanks to creative design and the myriad materials available today, staircases can also be wonderfully aesthetic, and quite often even be the focal point of a home.

12 October, 2017

A family home from the future

Barring the Grinch and his kin, who doesn't love surprises? At homify, we get into a tizzy when a seemingly rather nondescript home turns out to completely blow away all your previously-held notions the second you step inside.

02 September, 2017

A simple but breathtaking Japanese home

There's something about Japanese architecture and home design that gives it an edge above almost all other disciplines. Whether it's the touches of minimalism, the dedication to Feng Shui or the effortlessly considered nature of the entire structure…

18 August, 2017

A classic apartment with Singapore-style touches

Good classic style apartments embody their style and feature spaces filled with timelessly beautiful pieces. Even better classic homes take it up a notch by effortlessly threading contemporary and modern themes into the overall look, ensuring that th…

Clever design in a small apartment

We've said it before and we'll say it again—small does not have to mean limited. Sure, when there aren't many square metres to work with, you'll likely have to make a few compromises but this doesn't mean downgrading the way you want to live in any…

16 August, 2017

A Japanese home you'll fall in love with

Perfectly minimal,  breathtakingly stylish and oozing with all the elements of Japanese design that make it so lovable, this home in Kakamigahara truly does have it all. Japanese style is perhaps most renowned for its adherence to very specific desig…

15 August, 2017

The perfectly decorated Singapore-style apartment

An home or apartment can be as beautifully built as possible, but if you cram it full of ugly furniture or don't apply a sense of spatial awareness, the whole thing can come out looking pretty sub-par.

13 August, 2017

A beautiful Asian apartment where wood is the star

There are many ways to define a beautiful apartment or home, and many ways to go about achieving it. It usually starts with identifying the design style that appeals to you most .

12 August, 2017

Breathtaking style in a perfect Asian family home

Whether you're taking your first look at this impressive architectural marvel from the exterior or interior perspective, the beauty and precision of the structure is sure to strike you.

09 August, 2017

A chic and stylish little apartment

Simple, small but with all the little touches that make a space special, this little apartment designed by demarcasueca is filled with all the elements we love. Sometimes the interior architecture/design of a home itself is what makes it stunning and…

09 August, 2017