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A Gorgeous Penthouse Featuring Modern Luxury Interiors

The luxury homes today, are not some mansions with blingy interiors but they are actually elegant and sophisticated spaces which provide a luxurious living experience. In fact, the modern-day interiors greatly emphasize on maximizing and efficiently…

08 April, 2021

A luxurious house featuring modern oriental charm

Often perceived as magical and highly fascinating, oriental homes generate a serene ambience through their unique colour scheme, textures and use of minimal furnishings. Here, the interior designers and decorators of MR Shopper Studio, Singapore, hav…

09 March, 2021

The homify guide to decorating your industrial loft apartment

Our newest designer piece comes from Chapter 3 Interior Design, the interior designing and decorating professionals located in Singapore. Labelling themselves as “an experienced, fun and passionate group of designers”, Chapter 3 Interior Design was f…

08 February, 2021

The creative interior style of Cayman Residence

The company Mr Shopper Studio joined the interior-design industry back in 2014. Ken and Kate, its owners, jumpstarted their new venture by blending their backgrounds and skills (one a specialist in soft furnishings, the other a renovation expert) and…

30 November, 2020

The modern apartment with opulent design touches

Ever since Summerhaus D’zign was first founded, this Singapore-based interior design firm has been operating full steam in order to bring deluxe designs to its ever-growing list of clientele.

29 November, 2020

The brand-new condo with botanic charm

Mr Shopper Studio is the professional team bringing us our latest piece of design inspiration, and this time the portfolio project they’re sharing with us is a new condominium flaunting a most copy worthy style.

28 November, 2020

The bachelor pad with a masculine elegance

Having the experienced Summerhaus D’zign, located in Singapore, onboard your design project means you are fortunate enough to be working with a professional. Regarded as one of Singapore’s most esteemed interior designers, Summerhaus D’zign keeps cra…

27 November, 2020

The elegant interiors of Clementi Park

Located in Singapore, the interior-design firm Mr Shopper Studio, established back in 2014 by its owners, Ken and Kate, continues to impress. This is thanks to not only the team’s genuine commitment to high-class designs, but also the fact that the c…

26 November, 2020

Geometric style for a modern Singaporean apartment

Today’s design inspiration comes from first-rate interior design firm Summerhaus D’zign. Based in Singapore, Summerhaus D’zign is known as one of the busiest (and most professional) interior design firms in the country.

25 November, 2020

The One Robin apartment with supreme style

Our daily source of inspiration comes from Singapore-based Mr Shopper Studio, an interior-design company that was established back in 2014 by its owners, Ken and Kate. Since opening its doors, Mr Shopper Studio has been polishing off one design proje…

24 November, 2020