How to choose the right colours for painting your house’s exteriors

Don’t think that just because you don’t see your house’s exterior façade as often as the interiors that your choice in paint colours is not as important. Remember that, unlike interior colours, your house’s exterior look can affect the entire street.

24 November, 2019

7 ways to cut costs when building your own home

For a unique few of us, the dream is to build our own forever homes instead of searching for them online or by contacting estate agents. But how much will that building project cost? If you’re not careful, it could bankrupt you!Then again, with prope…

13 October, 2019

5 extreme house transformations to inspire your own

Knock down and completely rebuild or simply renovate and rehabilitate? This is the question that so many potential homeowners have to ask themselves, as well as their trusted architect! You might think that you've bought an outdated house that is way…

15 September, 2017