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13 Ideas To Place Your TV In A Small Living Room And Make It Look Beautiful

In a small space, incorporating what we want specially want is a challenge in which we will have to resort to our creativity and talent. Something that many of us cannot give up is television.

Minimalist Furniture: 20 Minimal Design Ideas To Inspire You

When done right, the saying, less is always more, does hold true. Well, it is this saying that is at the heart of minimalism. Minimal designs never go out of style because they are basic, functional, and aesthetic, all at once.

10 May, 2021

12 Easy Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Home

Whether you are settling into a new house or want to bring in some fresh changes in your already existing space, easy decor ideas for one’s home are always welcome. Sometimes it doesn’t even take much but some inspiration from some really chic homes …

07 May, 2021

7 storage ideas to save space in every room

Although tricky, crafting out inventive storage spaces at home can be a fun challenge. Of course it also depends on how much space you actually have, how much more you need, plus how many of these storage-ideas of ours you can actually remember…

27 August, 2020

The homify guide to dressing living-room windows

Living-room windows certainly present their share of problems. It’s not unusual to encounter angled bays and awkward curves in living room windows, making them very hard to dress.

A beautiful house with modern and impressive interiors

This is the story of Mérida, Mexico, the city which now occupies the very ground that once formed a part of the Mayan city of T’hó. Mérida is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in this part of the world.

04 September, 2017

11 smart ways to split rooms (without walls)

Lots of people love the bright spacious feel of an open plan layout, but find that open plan living can look messy and feel distracting, particularly when you have more than one person living in the home.The obvious solution is to build walls.

11 April, 2017

7 combined kitchen, living and dining room layouts

Open plan layouts are perhaps the most common decorating challenge for the modern home designer and decorator. Sure, a combined kitchen, living room and dining room can feel bright and breezy, but it can also get really messy in aesthetic terms.

23 March, 2017

6 perfectly designed Japanese living rooms to copy

Living rooms are the undeniable heart of the home; they're where families get together, and are often the first room in which guests are welcomed. They need to be functional and comfortable, not just for show.

11 March, 2017

10 dreamy nooks and corners perfect for small homes

Cosy nooks and corners have a very special place in any home. They are places to read, daydream, snuggle with a loved one or simply curl up for a good nap. Perhaps this is because there is something totally nurturing and comfy about being in a little…

24 February, 2017