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6 mini-pools perfect for your garden

You might be labouring under the misconception that a small garden means that your dreams of a pool need to be forgotten, but we are here today to tell you that you really CAN enjoy a touch of luxury! A mini-pool is a wonderful way to get the benefit…

17 September, 2017

A beautiful house with modern and impressive interiors

This is the story of Mérida, Mexico, the city which now occupies the very ground that once formed a part of the Mayan city of T’hó. Mérida is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in this part of the world.

04 September, 2017

Eco Friendly: Simple Steps to an Ecological Garden

If you want to do your bit for the planet, it's not enough to simply plan an environmentally-friendly building. It's important to show eco-consciousness for your garden as well.

08 April, 2017

10 cheap raised pools to fit any patio

Swimming pools have long been a luxury home addition that many people see as a sign of opulent living, but there are ways and means of making this fun and decadent home improvement a little more accessible to everyone.

27 September, 2016

9 homes with pools you wish you had

Living in Singapore, one thing you learn to deal with is the heat. Oppressive, and sometimes completely overwhelming, life in an equatorial city can at times feel exhausting and totally crushing.

07 August, 2016

9 homes with truly surprising features

When building, renovating or conceptualising a new home, designers and architects often push the boundaries of creative innovation. In doing so, we see an extensive range of interesting, unusual and unique dwellings.

04 August, 2016

The suburban home with opulent flair

When we think of suburban dwellings, our minds generally stray to run-of-the-mill houses that are often lacking a sense of individuality or uniqueness. Malvina Reynolds had it fairly accurate when she wrote and composed her 1962 hit 'Little Boxes', w…

16 May, 2016

7 ingredients of an effective and relaxing sauna experience

The origin of the word “sauna” is rooted in Finnish language. It is generally believed that savuna, literally meaning “in smoke”, gave birth to “sauna” at a later date. Finnish saunas of earlier time were known as savuna.

07 April, 2016

What to pay attention to when looking for an apartment

Buying an apartment which answers to all your requirements and is located in a place particularly preferred by you is a dream you have nurtured for years. You, together with your family, have scraped enough and saved enough to finally buy such an apa…

30 March, 2016

A Weekend Getaway with a charm

Fão’s idyllic seaside resort has manifold attractions for everyone who comes to visit this place. It boasts of an illustrious history and is blessed with wealth of natural resources.

24 March, 2016