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23 stunningly cost-effective garden fence ideas

Garden fencing ideas are necessary, but can quickly get super expensive, which is why we thought it might be good to show you a variety of cost-effective alternatives to standard hardwood panels.

22 September, 2017

10 intelligent floor plans to inspire you

Before you start building a house, you'll need an architect onboard to draw up proposed floor plans, but if this sounds like a boring stage of the process, think again! what these dynamic illustrations and renderings show is exactly how your home COU…

20 September, 2017

6 tricks for making low ceilings appear higher

Low ceiling heights can really shrink a room, which is why interior designers have been striving to find a bunch of techniques that will help expand the perceived height and today, we are going to share some of the most successful! Essentially, it's…

19 September, 2017

6 amazing ways to hide your washing machine in the bathroom

When it's time to hide your washing machine, things can get a little contentious. After all, who says that you actually have to conceal it out of sight anyway? Appliances are getting a lot more visually appealing these days and you need to maintain e…

18 September, 2017

6 mini-pools perfect for your garden

You might be labouring under the misconception that a small garden means that your dreams of a pool need to be forgotten, but we are here today to tell you that you really CAN enjoy a touch of luxury! A mini-pool is a wonderful way to get the benefit…

17 September, 2017

6 contemporary tile laying styles to consider

Tiles. They work in basically any room, can go on your walls or floors and add so much depth and class to a home, but the question you have to start asking yourself is… what style of tiles laying pattern do you want to follow? We've noticed that peo…

16 September, 2017

5 extreme house transformations to inspire your own

Knock down and completely rebuild or simply renovate and rehabilitate? This is the question that so many potential homeowners have to ask themselves, as well as their trusted architect! You might think that you've bought an outdated house that is way…

15 September, 2017

Which flooring is best for the kitchen?

Choosing the perfect kitchen floor is a tricky task, as you need to be sure that you're getting the perfect combination of gorgeous good looks and high-performance, which is why we want to show you a host of fantastic options today, each of which wil…

14 September, 2017

26 brilliant ideas for small kitchens

Kitchens are most definitely the heart of every home. Between the smell of fresh coffee and gorgeous cooking aromas, we all gravitate towards this warm focal point, but what about if you have a small kitchen? How can you accommodate everyone, while s…

13 September, 2017

The dramatic makeover of an old apartment

When you aim for a fine balance between light, colour and structure, you end up creating something that is well designed both technically and aesthetically. Our next before & after tour perfectly demonstrates this very quality, as the designers…

13 September, 2017