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The modern, clean-cut style of Trevose Crescent

Since being founded, the Singapore-based Summerhaus D’zign has been operating continuously in order to bring deluxe designs to its ever-growing list of clientele. Private residential homes, boutique hotels, and brands in the hospitality industry make…

23 November, 2020

The Singapore apartment bursting with elegance

Mr Shopper Studio, an interior-design company, was established back in 2014 by its owners, Ken and Kate. Combining their backgrounds and skills (one an expert in soft furnishings, the other a professional when it comes to renovations), the duo kick-s…

22 November, 2020

No bathroom window? No problem! 6 tricks to keep your room fresh

In many of Singapore’s inner city apartments, bathrooms are built without windows. This means no sun, no breeze and often a build-up of moisture. Additionally, with little airflow, bathroom odour can become smelly and stale, resulting in an uninvitin…

26 September, 2020

9 tricks to keep your balcony clean and tidy

The balcony is the area of the home that's undoubtedly the most difficult to keep clean. Exposed to the elements, as well as the constant dirt and grime associated with a large metropolis such as Singapore (not to mention the Singapore humidity), mos…

23 September, 2020

9 ways to inject BIG style and space into small homes

As more and more of us come to realise the potential of small homes, more and more professionals (including Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators, etc.) seem to generate tips and tricks to help make tiny living that much more efficient.

19 September, 2020

8 storage ideas to kill your small bathroom’s clutter

Let’s be honest: cleaning a bathroom, particularly a small one, is not fun. But we’re willing to bet that organising one is even harder, considering that the bathroom is the one space in any home that needs to be as clean and neat as possible (like a…

18 September, 2020

Start styling your home’s entryway with these 7 tips

As your home’s entryway/foyer is one of the first spaces you (and visitors) see, shouldn’t some decent planning go into it to ensure a sublime (and lasting) impression? For sure! And if there’s one thing we at homify are sure about, it’s that you don…

17 September, 2020

7 features you need for an inspiring master bedroom design

Although it’s common knowledge that the kitchen is regarded as the heart of every home, some people disagree. They feel that the master bedroom should rather be awarded that coveted title, seeing as we spend almost one-third of our lives between the…

16 September, 2020

7 storage ideas to save space in every room

Although tricky, crafting out inventive storage spaces at home can be a fun challenge. Of course it also depends on how much space you actually have, how much more you need, plus how many of these storage-ideas of ours you can actually remember…

27 August, 2020

9 tricks for dressed-to-impress entryways

You know what’s better than a positive first impression? Not much! And that’s true for everything in life, including the people we meet. And although we can’t really dish out advice on proper manners, we do have a lot of information on how your house…

26 August, 2020