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10 sliding doors that can be perfect for your home

Isn’t architecture wonderful? There are so many incredible options to choose to make our houses (both inside and out) come alive, so to speak. From walls and floor designs to roofs and windows, just think of all the fantastic pieces that can come tog…

07 December, 2019

The dos and don'ts of decorating your balcony

Even the smallest of balconies can be styled up to become a striking little outdoor oasis. But always remember there are various style blunders to sidestep – after all, if interior design was easy, there’d be no need for professional Interior Designe…

01 December, 2019

How to choose the right colours for painting your house’s exteriors

Don’t think that just because you don’t see your house’s exterior façade as often as the interiors that your choice in paint colours is not as important. Remember that, unlike interior colours, your house’s exterior look can affect the entire street.

24 November, 2019

The marvellous minimalist city apartment by ON Design Lab

Interior architectural firm ON Design Lab is a multidisciplinary design studio focused on top-notch architecture, interior design, and graphic design. With offices in Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong, it is no wonder ON Design Lab flaunts a striking nu…

20 November, 2019

7 tasteful roof space ideas to inspire you!

It’s not always possible to extend our houses outwards, yet if one has the means to go upwards (such as adding a loft or turning that unused roof space into something useful), then we say go for it!From a growing family or a new start-up business to…

17 November, 2019

9 ideas for stylish bedroom partitions

Whether it’s an open-plan layout you want to separate into different zones or just want to block off your work station from your sleeping area, partitioning any room is a means to enjoy more privacy and maintain a relaxing space.

10 November, 2019

10 design don’ts of modern bedrooms

It’s no secret that a lot of houses with neat-as-a-pin social areas (like living rooms and dining areas) often hide cluttered and unkempt bedrooms. But why is this? Solely because bedrooms are private zones, meaning they are not open to visitors (not…

30 October, 2019

10 practical ideas for your small balcony or terrace

Don’t think that a small terrace or balcony is just there to torture you. With some creative planning, you can turn that small space into quite the stylish and practical area for… dozens of activities, really.

27 October, 2019

No bathroom window? Try these 7 tricks for everlasting freshness

Any bathroom is prone to heavy moisture due to all the hot showers and steamy baths. But in most cases this problem is solved simply by opening a window.But what if there is no window through which the excess moisture and humidity can escape?  That c…

20 October, 2019

7 ways to cut costs when building your own home

For a unique few of us, the dream is to build our own forever homes instead of searching for them online or by contacting estate agents. But how much will that building project cost? If you’re not careful, it could bankrupt you!Then again, with prope…

13 October, 2019