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Simple style in a small but beautiful apartment

This beautiful little apartment is a fantastic example of a space that is chic and sleek in design but has allowed itself a more effortless elegance via actual life. Apartments and homes often appear so staged that it would be almost difficult to act…

07 August, 2017

A small apartment with stylish storage

Small apartments can be gorgeous, pleasant places to live but we need to focus on keeping the storage in check our we end up drowning in our stuff. As most of us in Singapore live in home limited on the square metre quota, dealing with storage and fi…

06 August, 2017

A cosy and chic apartment that makes the most of its small space

This apartment is beautiful in terms of structure and interior design, but the special touches that really makes it pop and stand out are the little splashes of colour found throughout.

05 August, 2017

A beautiful, small Asian home

Asian design and architecture is beautiful, there are no two ways about it. What makes Singapore homes so special however, is the combination of Asian and Western influences and the way we bring the best of both worlds together.

03 August, 2017

The small apartment with bold colours

One way to approach home and interior design in a general sense is to choose one, or a few, bold colours that appeal to you visually and to insert them throughout the home. You might choose to do this through accenting and accessorising, or you might…

02 August, 2017

A small but smart and stylish apartment

There's no two ways about it—small apartments can be the most charming and smart setups out there. Sure, the appeal of a big house complete with endless rooms and copious amounts of space exists, but the cute and cosy feeling of a small space that'…

A small but bright and open apartment

One great option for small spaces is to keep them as open as possible, minimising walls and dividers to allow for a flow to be formed. Depending on the space you have to work with however, this can be quite a challenging feat.

The Singapore designed apartment in Japan

Singapore designers are among the best in the world, and there's no denying that our interior design and architecture style is unique and impressive. For this very reason, local genius' Design Intervention were brought on board to design this stunnin…

The tiny but super stylish apartment

Every now and then we stumble upon apartments that are so smart, creative and stylish we simply cannot help but share them with you. This beautiful little design from A Lentil Design is a perfect demonstration of this, and the reason we are so smitte…

A Singapore apartment that's full of life and character

Singapore has some of the most beautiful apartments in the world, but we usually stick to a pretty distinctively muted style. Cool, calm and collected would be the perfect way to describe our penchant for interior design, but in the case of this beau…