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The weather is getting milder, so what could be better than being outside for a nice lunch with friends or family? This is exactly the idea behind the QSystem collection by ALL+, which includes four products which can help turn your garden into a genuine outdoor living room: the elegant QZone gazebo, the QTab table, the QBench bench and the brand new, revolutionary QZone-Kitchen.

The entire collection is distinguished by the use of aluminium which, in addition to being entirely recyclable, is also ideal for use in outdoor settings since it is resistant to atmospheric agents and weatherproof. Another characteristic feature of QSystem is its versatility: indeed, all the items in the collection can be taken apart and easily transported. ALL+ thus offers extremely flexible furniture, which blend in seamlessly with any outdoor setting, whether in a garden or on a terrace.

The QZone-Kitchen

Until recently, cooks were destined to remain stuck in front of the kitchen hob or forced to limit their culinary abilities on the barbecue. ALL+ now offers QZone-Kitchen, a solution to cook without any limitations, even outside. 

The idea is simple and clever at the same time: the QZone-Kitchen is equipped with a variety of accessories (sit-on hobs, cooking utensils, shelves, drawers, cutlery trays, etc.) and is thus turned into a customisable outdoor kitchen. The L-shaped carrying frame is made of galvanised iron coated with outdoor paint and can also be fitted with wooden, HPL or polyethylene shelves.

QTab  and  QBench

QTab is an outdoor table for all occasions. Thanks to its multiple sizes, it can host lunches for small and large parties alike: reaching a length of up to 360  cm  with the sole support of the table legs, it can guarantee plenty of serving space at the table while retaining the elegance and clean-cut appeal of its shape. QTab  is also the perfect table for parties and guests who care about the details and the ambiance: the new version, in particular, in fact features a stainless steel storage tray, inset into the centre of the table top. QTab can thus have a styling function, such as a suspended vegetable garden with aromatic herbs which accentuates the connection to nature, or it can turn into a practical and fun piece of chic, for instance to keep champagne cool for the sparkliest of parties.

QTab can be teamed with QBench, which features the same design.

QZone is a gazebo distinguished by a cube-shaped frame

The canopy is built by anchoring fixed or removable canvas sheets to the frame of the gazebo. Available with accessories such as customised modular footboards.

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