Tailot made bathroom by alhambretto design studio modern | homify

The project TAILOR MADE BATHROOM originates from an idea of Alhambretto in partnership with CIICAI. The event, created on the occasion of Bologna Water Design 2013, has been presented inside the fascinating spaces of the ex-Hospital Bastardini, in Bologna city center.

TAILOR MADE BATHROOM draws a parallel between tailoring and bathroom design. The project was developed around the concept of a tailor-made bathroom that is made to measure to satisfy everyone’s dreams. We find ourselves in a high-end tailoring workshop in which the most important elements are not threads and fabrics, but bathtubs, washbasins, shower hobs, and fittings. Every detail brings to mind a tailor’s work. The floor and wall coverings reproduce the textures of plaid and jacquard fabrics. The oversize paper pattern of a men’s jacket, a high-quality tailor-made garment, contains within its dashed lines proposals for bathroom urnishings from Ciicai’s partner companies. At the end of the room, from a privileged and exclusive position, everyone can admire their image reflected in the installation that surrounds them. The experience becomes personal and unique, just like what each of us feels in the intimacy of our own bathroom.

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