Renovation in meidai-mae eclectic style windows & doors by kentaro maeda architects eclectic concrete | homify

We had a request from an owner to renovate one of the rooms in a 40 year old building for rent. The room was a typical layout seen in the 80’s, but this type of layout does not match today’s taste and feels narrow. So we started from removing the partitions and change it to a single room. However, if we only furnished the room with sanitary fittings and a kitchen, privacy issue may occur, and above all, the life style will be totally thrust upon the resident. As a new style of rented accommodation, our goal was to offer not only a life space but a life style. We believe that such choice for a residence is modern and a highly value-added offer. Though the construction cost and time for completion was limited, since the room was located on a upper floor with an excellent view, and with our proposal of life space, we were confident of the rich life in this room

Colour: Grey
Material: Concrete
Credits: Tsuyoshi Takahashi
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