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(Joan Joffe, former Vodacom Group Executive—Corporate Affairs—now retired) ’We had recently downsized from a large, rambling home with a 1 acre garden to a cluster home with a very small garden. We were looking forward to a change of lifestyle, and wanted a lock-up-and go place with a garden that would not require much attention. A Japanese style garden seemed to meet our requirements perfectly.

Enter Kim Nichols and her Japanese Garden Concepts. We discussed our requirements with Kim and together with her we consulted books on Japanese gardens. Kim came up with a plan that we liked, and the costing seemed about what we had in mind. Within a couple of weeks of placing the order, Kim arrived with her highly efficient assistants, and in about 2 days they laid out our garden and completed the planting. We were so delighted with it that we invited our friends to a Grand Opening of the Joffe Gardens event. Everyone admired the new garden, which is visually lovely and which also has a spiritual feel about it.

Its been about 4 years since Kim laid out our garden. We call her back about twice a year to maintain it and to add new plants where appropriate. It's still looking beautiful, and requires very little attention.

It has been a pleasure to work with Kim, and we recommend her highly to anyone seeking an authentic Japanese garden designed and executed by a real professional.

Joan Joffe

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