The building is situated on a terraced steep slope with a view of the surrounding Italian Alps. The trapezoidal shape of the land has generated the architectural volumes (two pure rectangular cantilevered prisms, of different heights, rotated one towards the other and hinged through the central stairwell). In the front road side, a certain distance for a buffer to the passer and neighbors was kept by providing the exterior space thath has full width of the site under the cantilever (almost four meters) building. The openings of the building are obtained through horizontal slits surrounded by stainless steel jambs framing the landscape, while the main front is characterized by two deep loggias excavated in the prismatic volumes (the guest bedroom and the living room enjoy, through these loggias, the beautiful alpine landscape) . These loggias are lined on the inside, with fully slatted brazilian hardwood (Ipe’). The wide depth of these loggias also allows to control the solar radiation effectively, furthermore a big rectangular skylight on the loggia’s roof generate an interesting effect of the controlled natural light that floods the whole living area ( the distribution of the brightness and the silhouette of the light shine in the interior space are changing variously throughout the year and the day every moment, in response to the angle of the natural light). The building rests on a stoneworked basement which incorporates the existing terraces, containing bathrooms, garages, basements, etc., while the two main volumes, (rendered in white stucco), contribute to the project a both refined and contemporary character and contain, respectively, the bedroom and the living area (the “night pavilion” and the “day pavilion”) . These two pavillions float above the valley, forming protected outdoor places both between and under them. This is a landscape viewing instrument, like a pair of binoculars. The building is energy efficient, being equipped with ventilated walls, thick insulation and alternative energy production systems ecologically compatible.

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