Mohlolo Landscape Architects


MLA strives to improve environmental quality on our projects and to add to the quality of life of people who move through the spaces we design. We believe this is best achieved through practical, appealing solutions based on the inherent characteristics of the site and its surroundings.  We also utilise computer aided design and drafting programmes to effectively communicate our ideas and involve our clients through the entire design process.  MLA provides well-managed design, development and environmental projects and offers an array of services and expertise that add long-term value to a project. Services include:

Landscape and urban design;

Environmental planning;

Mining landscape rehabilitation plans;

Site and landscape design for domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial sites;

Landscape master planning for urban parks, resorts, residential and recreation areas;

1 Baobab Place, 9 Rhodesdrift Street, Bendor
0699 Polokwane
South Africa


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