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Company Overview Honeywerkz design is a design firm that practice on the creativity about interior space design. We believe
PERCEPTonは、"There is no truth. There is only perception.(絶対的な正解はない。常にいくつも別の見え方がある。)"をモットーに、多様な国籍の建築家とインテリアデザイナーが集まった、コラボレーション
museum homes
Museum is an interior firm in Singapore made up of a group of professionals, interior designers, consultants, draftmen,
Студия дизайна Interior Design IDEAS
Главное направление студии дизайна IDEAS - создание интерьера по психологическому типу личности, индивидуальная работа с
SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy
SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy is a graphics design, home styling and renovation consultancy in the Philippines
Studio Ferrante Design
SABINO FERRANTE, Architetto e Designer, è titolare dello STUDIO FERRANTE DESIGN, dove si occupa di Architettura, di Interni
Marina Sarkisyan
Дизайн и декорирование интерьера.
Designer, widianto utomo
introductionWidianto UTOMO (GO) (b 1972) is a multi-talents art designer born as third generation of overseas Chinese migrant
Erika Winters® Design
Design runs through Erika´s veins. Now with a Showroom located in 2509 S. Carolina St. San Pedro CA 90731&nbsp
STUDIOTALENT nasce nel 2006 dalla collaborazione professionale nel campo dell’architettura tra Maurizio Macciocchi e Cosimo
Model Projects Ltd
Working solely in 3D, Model Projects empowers homeowners to create their dream home. Clear communication of proposed spaces
Design for Love
Design for Love è stato creato da me, Valeria Gelsomino, geometra con la passione per l'arredo, gli interni, la fotografia