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Apex Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Apex Project Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed 14 years ago to provide Interior Design solutions in the corporate and retail
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Collage Designs is a long standing firm well known in the Interior Design field. Based in Toronto Ontario, Collage Designs
Fluid Studio
Fluid Studio is a design practice based in Ahmedabad, India since 2014, is a brain child of a designer Dhara Panchal. We
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L’INVESTISSEMENT LOCATIF NOUVELLE GÉNÉRATION Déléguez toutes les étapes de votre investissement locatif à des experts de
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Mya Design Consultants provides creative design solutions in the field of Interior design and Landscape design and architecture.We
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Được hình thành vào năm 2001 bởi những sáng lập viên đầy khát vọng, mong được cống hiến cho xã hội bằng phẩm chất trung
The First Group.In
Dear Sir|/ MamGreeting FromMr. Sadath Sharief **THE FIRST GROUP. In** Cunsultant & Turnkey Contractor **THE FIRST GROUP
Sergio Mannino Studio
Sergio Mannino Studio is a design firm with roots in Italian design and culture. The Studio is based in New York but operates
Студия Дизайна Виктории Королевой
Дизайнер жилых и общественных интерьеров. Опыт в профессии более 8 лет, обширное портфолио (более 50 проектов). Главным
Espacio Sutil
Luxart studio
Luxart Studio  Is an interior design firm always focusing on designing functional spaces, and creating balance&nbsp
Studio Light Point
Diseña y conecta. Somos un grupo de profesionales dedicados a brindar servicios de arquitectura interiorista e ingeniería
Micasa Design
Micasa design is a new electric interior design service for commercial and residential spaces.We provide the finest materials
Bluestraw Design
Here at Bluestraw Design we believe that Interior and Exterior Design should be a harmonious collaboration between designer
We Style Middle East
Manali Sutaria
An Architect/Designer who actively contributes to the grassroots level of design  and tehnicality in collaboration

When do I need an interior architect in Singapore?

An interior architect will be able to advise anyone who wants to style the rooms of their home. While a structural architect or an engineer will be skilled in construction techniques and can advise on how to remodel elements such as walls and ceilings, an interior architect focuses on how to style the arrangement of your rooms. Sometimes mistaken for interior designers, they will possess in depth knowledge of the many different design styles available, as well as a natural flair for arranging furnishings, colours and decorations artistically. With the help of an interior architect, you can turn bare rooms into flourishing, beautiful spaces. They will also provide invaluable assistance when you are trying to turn the ideas contained in your Ideabook into reality. When you talk to a proficient interior architect, you will see why they are so in demand. A good interior architect will take everything into account when designing your rooms – from lighting and access to safety, the right kind of wallpaper and ways to make the most of your space.

Interior design vs. interior architecture – what is the difference?

This is actually quite a subtle distinction, but anyone remodelling their home in Singapore can benefit from the skills of both an interior architect and interior designers. A designer is someone who focuses on the details – the artistic elements that finish off a design such as couches, cushions, drapes, artworks, flowers. They provide an aesthetic finish to a design project which makes interior spaces truly special. An interior architect does the heavy lifting required to allow the designer to work. They design flooring, ceilings, wall materials, light fixings and doorways that will enable easy access for the people who will be using the rooms. Think of it in artistic terms. An interior architect will mix the paints, tighten the canvas and sketch the elements of a masterpiece, while the interior designer steps in to add the colouring and texture which brings your interior – like a great painting – to life before your eyes. You can also see it another way. A good interior architect will be an expert in using space creatively. Because good home design is about achieving harmony and beauty in the use of space, an interior architect is someone who you simply cannot ignore.

What does an interior architect do?

When you enlist the services of an interior architect for your home interiors, you can expect them to work on a number of crucial areas. An interior architect can help to find inventive uses for awkward spaces, and to create sustainable, energy efficient designs as well. But there are some core areas where an interior architect can contribute to any home design project. This isn’t an exhaustive list – as many architects are also skilled designers and can offer style advice as well, but these are the major areas where an interior architect can assist:

 Interior finishes & fittings

Every surface that you use in your design project will have a texture and a finish. The finish is the way that a wall or work surface feels, the way that it reflects light and works with the other elements of the room. Your interior architect can design and install luxurious wooden panelling, lavishly painted interior walls or solid granite surfaces for your kitchen. Your interior architect can also work on fittings in your home. These are the vital points where electricity or water feed into your design. 


A well placed and designed light fitting can turn a cramped small space into somewhere with a more spacious, welcoming feel, so getting fixtures right really does matter. An interior architect will also know all about the various types of light that you can choose, from strip lights to chandeliers. They can work out clever ways to conceal light in modern designs as well as cunning ways to use natural light to create an organic, relaxed atmosphere.

Room acoustics

No matter how beautiful it may be, if a room has poor acoustics, it will rarely be a pleasant place to spend time. For example, chatter at the dining table can turn into a cacophany, while television or audio devices will never sound at their best. An interior architect can advise about how to create rooms with perfect acoustics, rooms which look and sound harmonious. It’s touches like these, which amateurs often forget, which make it important for anyone renovating their home in Singapore to bring in an interior architect.

How do I find the right interior architect in Singapore?

In the past, you could search through individual web pages of interior architect firms or thumb through telephone directories until you found the right professional. However, homify offer a simple way to contact Singapore’s finest interior architects. Using our platform, an interior architect can instantly find out about your design preferences based upon the content of your Ideabook, and homify makes it easy to organise a first appointment to set the project in motion. You can find architects who are skilled in all styles, alongside all of the exterior architects and designers you will need to fully complete your project.

What do I need to look out for when choosing an interior architect?

Location and price are probably important considerations when choosing an interior architect for your home. After all, if an architect is based in your part of Singapore, you can see previous projects to get a feel for their work, and attending appointments will be hassle free. However, it is even more crucial to find aninterior architect who is in tune with your own style preferences. If you adore minimalist interiors with hidden lighting, it doesn’t make sense to bring in a specialist in traditional Singapore architecture. With homify, you should easily be able to find the right person for the job.

How much will an interior architect in Singapore cost?

An interior architect is a skilled professional, whose time is invariably precious. This means that their services are not exactly cheap, although with the competition to be noticed on the web increasing, prices of consultations have been falling. However, think about how using professional expertise can save costs in the long term. Their advice could make your home more liveable, and more valuable in the process. Their style knowledge could enhance the elegance of your interiors, and by arranging lighting efficiently, an interior architect can help save money on lighting bills as well.

How do I best prepare for the first appointment with an interior architect?

This is vital to get the most out of your time with an interior architect. They will be delighted if you can bring printed plans of the home, along with information about lighting and the existing colour scheme. Take photographs of the interior as it currently looks, as well as any images of rooms that look similar to your desired end-point. The more information you can provide about what you want, the easier it will be for aninterior architect to set to work. Have a bullet point list of things to ask, and take a notepad as well – so that you can jot down any questions to research or things to think about regarding style.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

A home building project can be carried out by an individual, but almost everyone could benefit from some help along the way (while there are some institutions like the planning office that sometimes cannot be avoided).

Planning office

The planning authorities in Singapore are there to ensure that individuals do not damage the physical harmony and environment of the city’s neighbourhoods. They have guidelines to implement regarding the height and appearance of buildings, as well as the enforcement of land boundaries. So treat them with respect and take their advice about how to minimize any bureaucratic hurdles to your home redesign. However, it is unlikely that the planning office will have anything to do with the work of your interior architect. They are more concerned about the exterior.

Kitchen planner

The kitchen is often the most important room in a home. It’s where our meals are prepared, as well as a social space. Because of the unique contents of a kitchen (such as ovens, basins, utensils, fridges and other gadgets), everything needs to be planned so that you can reach essential items safely. A kitchen planner is a specific kind of interior architect who can advise you about how to achieve an efficient, harmonious kitchen design that works for you.


If you have already enlisted the services of an interior architect, you might ask yourself whether you need a designer on board your design project? A designer can actually complement the work of an interior architect, adding aesthetic flourishes, bringing in the latest designs of furniture and contemporary wallpaper or rugs. They can find ways of using the canvas supplied by the interior architect to create a vibrant masterpiece which meets your style goals as set out in your Ideabook. The best design projects involve designers and architects working as a close-knit team.

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