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All you need to know about concrete

If you are thinking to enterthe construction business, or you are planning to have a building, so you must have heard about concrete. If you are curious about what is the concrete mix? What are the types, advantages, and disadvantages? So, this article is for you, which has“all you need to know about concrete”.

What is concrete?

Many people confuse themselves with cement and concrete, and they think that concrete is the second name of cement, but it is not true. In the early times, Egyptians used lime ad gypsumfor construction purpose, and this happened untilthe 1800s.

In 1824, burning Portland cement and limestone formed concrete. Concrete is not a naturally occurring compound; rather, it is a humanmadematerial. It consists of three components

  1. Aggregates: Sand, gravel and crushed stone are used as aggregate.
  2. Portland cement: This cement combines with water and coats on the aggregating material. When the paste dries, it becomes hard and turns into the structure.
  3. Water: Water is used as a medium for the mixing of both substances.

Characteristics of concrete

  • Cost: the cost of concrete depends on the usage of Portland cement. The greater usage of cement will be more costly.
  • Hardness: Hardness depends on the water and cement ratio. When cement is used in a greater amount, the structure becomes harder.
  • Permeability: When less amount of water is used in the mixture, it makes the structure less permeable and strong.
  • Workability: When the water to cement ratio is less, there is less workability.

The properties are checked by performingslump test, test cubes, rebound hammer test, penetration test, pull out test and vibration test.

Types of concrete

The following are the types of concretes based on their material, construction, and application.

1. Lime concrete

In this type of concrete lime along with khoa, and stones are used as the binding material. It is used in making the foundation of buildings and roofs.

2. Cement concrete

This type of concrete consists of cement, stone chips, bricks, and limes, which are taken in appropriate size and ratio. They are mixed in water for 28 days for better results.

3. Reinforced cement concrete

In this type of concrete steel reinforcement or compression is performed to reduce the tensile strength of concrete.

4. Regular concrete

These are also known as “traditional strength concrete”. They are the cheaper, easiest and most common type of concrete.

5. High strength concrete

The high strength concrete is strong and durable. They are prepared when water and concrete have less amount of water.

6. Vacuum concrete

It is the latest technology through which the construction work is performed faster. Water and concrete mixture is added to the framework, and then through vacuum water is removed. And this results in increasing the firm structure.

7. Asphalt concrete

When asphalt is used with concrete mix, asphalt concrete is formed that is used in making roads, bridges and other constructions.

8. Ready-mix concrete

This concreteis ready to use type as everything is mixed. And this is easily available and easy to use.

9. Dry ready mix concrete

They are the dry concrete mixtures, which are usually used in house building and renovation purposes. In this type, you have to add water in the dry concrete mixture.

10. Bulk material concrete

This concrete must be bought in bulk while the material is the same as the dry ready mix concrete. It is helpful when you were working on a big project, but the storage of material becomes difficult.

11. Glass concrete

In this type, glass is used as the aggregation material, enhancing the thermal insulation property. They form a strong framework.

12. Light transmitting concrete

In this type of concrete, the aggregation material is a lightweight substance resulting in the overall concrete density less than 1920 kg/m3.

13. Polymer concrete

In this type, the aggregates are treated with polymers rather than the concrete, resulting in reduced void spaces and greater strength.

Uses of concrete

Following are some of the uses of concrete

  • It is used asthe foundation of houses and buildings.
  • It is used in the construction of terrace, roofs and the driveways of houses.
  • Concrete is used in the making of walls, floor, and gate.
  • Concrete is widely used for making bridges, patios, and tunnels.

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete

Following are some of the advantages of concrete

  • Cost

The cost of concrete is much cheaper than the other construction materials like steel, polymers that are difficult to produce, hence more expensive. The production of concrete is cheaper because the material is easily available.

  • Durability

If you want to make a long-term investment, then concrete is the best material. It is durable, water-resistant, high temperature resistant.

  • Safety

It is non-combustible.

  • Availability

The components of concrete are easily available in bulk quantities.

  • Strength

There are different types of concrete, and each has its quality, but if we talk about strength, the framework made by concrete are strong and high strength structures.

  • Environment

There is no material present in concrete, which can cause harm to the ecosystem. It absorbs temperature within the building so helping the environment in cooling down.

  • Water-resistant

It is water-resistant.

  • Low maintenance

It is durable and does not require a lot of maintenance, like polishing coating or painting.

  • Usage

The usage is very easy.

Following are some of the disadvantages of concrete

  • Cracking

Crackingcan occur if untrained and unskilled workers are employed. The ratio of material should be measured rightly.

  • Efflorescence

If they absorb moisture, they become susceptible to efflorescence.

  • Time of construction

The construction takes a longer duration of time.

  • Transportation

They are heavyweight material, difficult to transport and susceptible to cracks. Now lightweight concretes are also available.


Apart from all this knowledge, one more important thing is to make sure you buy it from a good place, and your workers are skilled who can easily transform your thoughts into a building.