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Furnishing your home - ideas & inspiration

homify is packed full of great ideas and inspiration to suit all tastes and personal styles. Regardless of whether it's just a room or a whole house being decorated, homify has a detailed page for each. There, budding interior designers can browse photos showcasing different styles and save them to an ideabook with just one easy click. It is also possible to add text to the photos, creating illustrated online notes that are automatically saved to users' profiles. This means it's easy collate ideas, inspirations and how to guides for furnishing a home in no time.

Where can I find furnishing ideas for my flat?

homify doesn't just offer style inspiration, but a whole host of individual furniture items to browse and buy online. Anyone stopping by the homify site will find plenty of furnishing ideas for their flat or house that perfectly match with the styles and themes in their ideabooks.

Where can I collect my furnishing ideas?

homify ideabooks are like handy online scrapbooks where users of the site can save photos of furnishing styles, themes and individual items of furniture. This can be done whenever inspiration strikes, with just a click or two. With the option to add text to photos, users can also keep extensive notes in their ideabooks, creating not just a repository of ideas and inspiration, but useful information too.

How do I refurbish my apartment?

A new style innovation doesn't have to mean a whole new apartment - the style inspirations showcased on homify are just as applicable to refurbishing an existing home too. Homeowners will be able to browse the site for interior design ideas, seeing what would work with their existing space and colour scheme, saving the most fitting ideas to their ideabooks as they go.

Renovating your apartment

Renovating an apartment is a bigger project than just refurbishing. However, it can be well worth it as a way of reinvigorating an old, tired space, turning an out of date apartment into a dream home all over again. On homify, there are plenty of ideas to get wannabe architects started, whether by utilising existing space or even creating new rooms, shapes and spaces into their homes.

Decorating your flat

There are many different ways to decorate a flat. It's best for the flatowner to allow their own personality shine through when picking a colour scheme, theme and furniture. Choosing something just because it's fashionable is a sure way to get sick of a design fast, especially when it falls out of favour. Remember, the next interior design trend is always just around the corner! It is also important to considers items and designs with functionality as well as just an attractive appearance, as a good design should last a long time. 

How to furnish large rooms

It can be lots of fun furnishing a large room as there's so much space to play with. Homeowners with large rooms to furnish can indulge a taste for artful clutter - matching three piece suites, shelves full of ornaments and knick knacks. They can also add plenty of paintings and family photographs, making use of the large amount of wall space to fill. Dark colours, for carpets, walls of furnishings will also work best in larger rooms, and a big space is the ideal place to keep furniture with a busy pattern as it won't dominate the room.

How to furnish small rooms

Small doesn't have to mean cramped or crowded - a minimalist style can be a great way to maximise space. Light colours are a must for carpets and walls to give the illusion of a larger room, and using a large mirror to cover the length of one wall will reflect the light, creating a spacious, airy feeling. Light coloured furniture, such as wicker, will help add to this feeling. Owners of a small space may also wish to invest in comfy chairs and scatter cushions rather than a bulky sofa which takes up too much space. Simplicity is key when furnishing a small room, and homify has plenty of style tips to get anyone started.

How do I make my flat more homely?

Everyone dreams of turning their house into a home, and homify helps people to do just that with it's interior decoration designs to suit all spaces. Patterns over plain walls and carpets will automatically give a flat a more homely feel, as will favoured ornaments proudly put on display, photographs on the walls and cushions and throws on the sofa. At the end of the day, it is down to individual tastes what a person finds homely, cosy and comforting, so the best thing for anyone looking to make a flat more homely to do is to head over to homify and find some styles that make them feel comfortable and at home. 

Decorating tips for small flats

The best way to decorate a small flat is really down to what a person wants to do with it. To make a small space look bigger it is best to avoid dark colours and bold patterns, as plain styles and light bright colours will create the illusion of a bigger room. There are plenty of interesting optical illusions that can be pulled off with the artful arrangement of furniture, windows and mirrors to reflect the light and utilising the layout of the flat to add functionality to style without creating clutter. A small flat can also be ideal for experimenting with a consistent colour scheme all through the apartment, which will contribute to a natural sense of flow throughout the area. However, a small space doesn't have to be made bigger; filling a flat with furniture, decorations and keepsakes can make small flat feel cosy, homely and comfortable. homify has plenty of ideas for both in its inspiration collections, just waiting to be added to an ideabook a turned from a dream into a home design reality.

Decorating tips for students

It's likely that students will have a smaller budget but that doesn't mean they have to think or dream any smaller, as homify is packed full of tips for decorating on all budgets. It's simple for students to save inspiration and ideas to their online homify profiles and choose just one or two key pieces to build their room designs around. homify has plenty of tips for creating a minimalist look focused on simple, easy to replicate designs.

Tips for furnishing lofts

Lofts can be great places to furnish as they tend to be naturally light and airy, giving the illusion of wide open space and highlighting design choices. It's easy to create a holiday home feeling in a loft with light, pale coloured furniture; alternatively fans of dark woods like mahogany will find they can place them in the loft without the furniture overwhelming the space. Lofts also make ideal storage spaces with all their nooks and crannies. Installing some cleverly placed bookshelves, decorative chests and and cupboards in a loft is a great way to maximise use of space for a functional purpose while also maintaining an attractive interior design look.

What home décor makes a modern home?

A modern style décor is very popular because it is easy to get right, and if done well, will never go out of style. The best description of a modern decorating style is a minimalist take on a classic look. That means relatively few items of furniture and lots of blank space, so there's plenty of opportunities to change an update the home as time goes by, perhaps with the addition of children to the household, for example, without alerting the overall theme.

Which styles for my flat?

There are so many styles to choose from, from minimalist to Mediterranean, country to Scandinavian, or even a blend of one or more different styles all at once, with either different styles in different rooms or a combination of key features from a mix of styles all through the flat. The decorating style of flat should reveal the personality of the owner, so anyone thinking of decorating or refurbishing a flat should collate some photos of looks they like until they have an idea of what best suits them.

Decorating a modern flat:

Scandinavian style furnishings

Scandinavian style furnishings are very popular right now, so there's a wide choice available online. This style relies on light colours and only natural materials such as wood and wicker and cosy touches such as fur or woollen throws and cushions.

Country style furnishings

Country style furnishings represent the ultimate in cosy, homely comfort. Colour schemes are warm and creamy and in this look patterns are welcome in touches such as carpets, wallpaper, sofa or curtains - lace, brocade and woven fabrics can all be used in this look. The style is brought together by keeping the key element as wood, evoking images of furniture lovingly hand crafted using wood from local trees.

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