Baby room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the rules and tips for designing a baby room?

Planning for the nursery decor is one of the proudest moments of every would be parent’s life. While brainstorming for baby room ideas, it is natural for new parents to be anxious about the choices of materials, furniture and colour. The following rooms will ease some of your worries and help you decide a suitable baby room decor for your young one. You may also hire an experienced interior designer to decorate the nursery.

- Try to decorate the room with the essentials. Don’t clutter the interior with too many objects of decor.

- Buy curtains and plush rugs that are easily washable. It might be difficult for you to send those for dry cleaning every time they need a wash. The same applies for the wallpaper.

- Use kid friendly soaps and detergents to wash and clean the interiors.

- Opt for kid friendly bed sheets, cushion and pillow covers. Cotton and linen bed sheets and pillow covers are best for a child’s room. Unlike some synthetic materials, they are not allergic to the tender skin.

- Opt for a relaxing colour scheme. You may go for a bright accent colour, but don’t overuse it. 

- Try not to have any electronic items like televisions, music systems etc in this room. They may cause sleep disturbances.    

- Your child needs space and a clean habitable environment. Don’t make any decor choices that would be difficult to maintain.

You have plenty of stylistic options to go for. Take time out to check the baby boy nursery ideas and girl nursery ideas right here on homify. You will find plenty of design inspirations in the following categories and beyond:

Scandinavian – Scandinavian decor is much coveted for contemporary homes. You may go for minimalist Scandinavian for your kid’s room too. Use an understated and soothing colour palette. Buy only lightweight furniture – the essential ones you need in this space.

Modern design – Modern nursery decor is another popular choice for many. It helps you design a cosy and comfortable room that is in sync with the rest of the interior space. You have the options of going for a colour scheme dominated by bright or dark hues without disrupting the peaceful nature of the interior.

Rustic – If you to decorate a baby room with a twist, you may go for this option. Choose wood furniture and decorate the space with an earthly accent. The colour palette must be neutral. Choose organic materials to drape the windows and upholster the furniture.

What furniture and accessories do I need for my baby room?

You must keep the age of the child in mind while decorating a nursery. Some of the objects that will be of utmost need are,

- A baby cot, crib or cradle.

- Changing table

- Wardrobe to store the clothing and accessories of the little one.

- Trash cans

- Comfortable mattress, pillows and cushions.

As your newborn grows older, this list of yours will become slightly more elaborate. You will need a high chair, dresser, chest of drawers, regular dining chairs and so on.

What type of bed is better for my baby?

For newborn a cradle or a crib is the most obvious choice for many new parents. But there are options within these categories which you must not forget to explore. For example, instead of a simple cradle which can only be used for a couple of months, why not invest in a bed cum cradle. This you can place on your bedside when needed or place in the corner of the room during other times.

Cribs also boast of a wide range of varieties. To compensate the lack of storage space or keep the interior uncluttered, you may opt for a crib with storage room underneath. Four in one cribs that can easily be converted into a kid’s bed are also a popular and long lasting option. You will have to buy an extension kit with a convertible crib.

After the initial few months, moses and nursery swings are not exactly used as baby beds.You may place a nursery swing to give your child an opportunity to enjoy some fun time. Moses are portable. You may buy one for your infant and use it to carry the little one to the different parts of the house when you are busy with household chores. On the other hand, if you are a frequent traveller invest in a quality portable crib. These are lightweight and can easily be placed at a corner of your hotel rooms.

How to make the interior of a baby room safe for a child?

While planning for the nursery decor, avoid the following and ensure a safe interior environment for your child.

- Don’t buy furniture or accessories with sharp edges.

- Invest in kid friendly furniture and decor items.

- Cover the flooring with plush rugs. In case of accidental falls, it will prevent your child from getting hurt.

- Opt for slip proof bathroom mats.

- Keep electrical fixtures and wiring out of the little one’s reach.

- Don’t keep any loose strings or chords in the room.

- Lighting for a perfect baby room

Buy lighting that properly illuminates the space, but is not harsh to the eyes. Avoid installing lighting fixtures right above the cot. Choose kid friendly lighting fixtures. Don’t keep the room dark in the night. Install night lighting for safety. For safety reasons, avoid placing a bedside lamp at this point. Use a wall mounted focus lighting instead.