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Basement-windows: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What should I consider for choosing a basement window?

In modern houses of Singapore, basements are used for multiple purposes. One of the major usages for this space is as a storage room. That apart, basements are also converted to guest apartments, stylish bedrooms, spa style bathroom etc. In every case, you need to have basement windows to properly illuminate the space. However, to choose the right kind of window designs you must take care of various factors. Take a note of the climate condition of your region. Singapore remains hot and humid for the greater part of the year. You must select window designs that are capable of withstanding the humid condition of your area.

Choose a window that conforms to the energy guidelines. Energy star rated products are more energy efficient. Consequently, they are preferred window types for any home. Choose a design that perfectly matches the décor of the room and helps in making proper use of the space. Select designs that are easy to clean and maintain. Give preference to the high quality and long lasting materials. Before you go for basement window shopping, take proper measurement of the window opening. In case you are planning a window replacement, you may need to modify the window openings to fit in the new design. Seek assistance of an experienced home builder to complete this task.

Which type of window is good for a basement?

You may opt for a variety of designs for the basement. Three of the most common types are sliding, hopper and awning windows. Sliding window designs look chic. Since they remain within the frame they don’t waste any space. You may buy an aluminium or vinyl framed sliding window for your basement. The most important difference between a hopper and an awning window is that the former opens inward while the latter opens outward from the basement area.

Deciding between awning and hopper window design really depends on the availability of the space in the interior or exterior of the basement. You may opt for a wood, aluminium, vinyl or steel framed hopper or awning window for this space. An Egress window, on the other hand, allows you to design an emergency escape route. If you are not sure about the window design that you should opt for in this space, don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with an experienced interior architect.

Types of window materials that are best for basements

Wood framed glass block windows look elegant and feel perfectly suited for a stylishly decorated basement. However, if you are basement is prone to moisture related problems, you must choose high quality seasoned wood for your basement window. Additionally, you must seal the wooden surface with a silicone based sealant. Aluminium or steel framed options are considered to be another popular choice. Aluminium is lightweight and durable. But it may develop dent marks if hit with sharp objects. Steel frames are sturdier and more durable. But they are heavy and prone to rusting.

Vinyl frames are becoming increasingly popular. They are not prone to rotting and rusting. They are also available in a variety of colours. However, vinyl frames don’t suit the interior of a country style home or classical home. So if you have plans to decorate your basement in any of these styles avoid going for the vinyl frames. The cost of a sliding window is between SGD 750 and SGD 1000. Glass block window types are available between SGD 1600 and SGD 2000. Egress window designs cost between SGD 1200 and SGD 1500.The cost of windows depends heavily on the type of materials and the size of the window. You must also take the cost of installation into the calculation.

Replacement of the basement window

A basement window helps you to design an airy and well ventilated space. It brightens up the interior of a dark basement area. Under certain circumstances, they may act as an emergency escape route. Their presence helps you design a comfortable, functional and well decorated basement. If this part of your house has been neglected for a long time, it is quite possible the existing windows in this area have been damaged with time. You may also need to install new windows to facilitate the planned renovation of this space.

Hire reputed window installers to replace a window and take the benefits of using their skills and experiences. Choose installers who are reliable and can share with you with the ratings and feedbacks of their past clients. Seek referrals from your friends who have undertaken a similar project recently. You may consult your requirements with the window installation experts on homify. Choose designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Install easy to care window designs. Opt for low maintaining glasses and fire resistant materials for the safety of the home.   

Decoration and maintenance of the basement window

You may decorate the basement windows in a variety of ways. Choose stylish window treatments to keep the sun out when needed and maintain the privacy of the interiors. You may buy curtains made of textiles like satin, silk, cotton, linen or muslin. According to the décor of the interiors, choose colours and motifs for your curtains. For example, for a Scandinavian style basement area, choose soothing pastel shades like blue, lavender, grey or white. If you have large windows, you may consider opting for shutters. However, this is an expensive option. Shutters made of natural wood and bamboo look great in a country style home. You may also buy stylish blind for a basement window. Consider buying blinds made of cotton, wood or bamboo. For ease of operations, you may install remote controlled blinds.