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Bathroom Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  2. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  3. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?
  4. Need help with your bathroom?
    Need help with your bathroom?

What makes the perfect bathroom?

Not so long ago, the average bathroom tended to be plain and functional. But not any more. These days, we expect more from the smallest room in the house. Whether it’s a private en suite or a space for all the family, the bathroom of today is a calming sanctuary and inviting getaway where we can pamper ourselves and recover from the stresses and strains of daily living. 

Where can I find bathroom ideas & inspiration?

To discover a broad spectrum of bathroom decorating ideas from traditional to cutting edge, there’s no better place to start than homify, your gateway to the best in modern home décor. A convenient way of checking out all the options is to browse through the gallery on homify’s bathroom page – just click save to build up a virtual portfolio of your favourite bathroom decor ideas. 

How do I design my bathroom? 

Designing a bathroom calls for a disciplined and methodical approach. You’ll need to rough out a plan, making sure your bathroom décor ideas include all of the essentials such as a bath, WC, wash basin and some form of heating and lighting. The size of the bathroom will be a major consideration. Do you have space for a free-standing bath? How about a separate shower cubicle? Also, make remember to integrate storage into your bathroom design, turning awkward nooks and crannies such as the spaces under the bath into cubbyholes and cabinets for toiletries. And as your ideas progress, homify can connect you with skilled planners, designers and suppliers who can answer technical questions and help you with pricing. 

What colours should I use in the bathroom? 

White remains a very popular background colour for those wanting a  bright, fresh, airy bathroom, but it’s certainly not your only option. Pale pastels such as duck egg blue and rose pink are just as good when it comes to opening out a bathroom and creating a pleasant, upbeat mood. Meanwhile, a splash of something more bold and vibrant – a vivid fuschia or fluoro green, for instance – is a great way of adding instant character to a bathroom, whether it’s giving a modern twist to a traditional design or injecting a bit of fun into a sleek modern look. Just as important as the palette you choose is how you use it: soft furnishings, metal fittings and bathroom tiling ideas can all be used to subtly incorporate colour into your bathroom design. 

What should I choose for my walls and floors? 

Tiles are a good option for both walls and floor, and you’ll find no shortage of bathroom tile ideas out there from chequered effects to mosaic tiles to quirky hand-painted individual designs. Alternatively, putting up some brightly printed bathroom wallpaper made from water resistant vinyl can open up a whole range of rich, romantic possibilities; flock and toile designs, for instance, which can transform your bathroom in flash into an exquisite Marie Antoinette-style boudoir. And, then in a few years’ time if you so wish, you can always give your bathroom an inexpensive face-lift by updating your wallpaper in line with the latest trends. When it comes to bathroom flooring, if you’re catering to all the family, then you might want to opt for a hardwearing, non-slip material such as rubber, while more luxurious options include granite and marble. 

What are some ideas for bathroom accessories? 

The piece de resistance will be the bath itself, of course. Whether it’s a Victorian-style roll-top with clawed feet or something sculptural and modern, your choice of baths will set the tone for the whole bathroom. His and hers basins can make an attractive touch in the en suite to a master bedroom, while you might also want to treat yourself to accoutrements such as heated towel racks, sleek slimline radiators, non-fogging mirrors and a conveniently placed shower caddy. It’s a good idea to leave enough in your bathroom budget to make sure you can afford attractive finishing touches such as stylish pegs for bathrobes and light switches. 

What do I consider when selecting bathroom lighting? 

Bathroom lighting needs to tread a fine line – not too harsh, but not too dim either, providing the necessary illumination without being cold and clinical. Ideally, you should plan a mixture of mood lighting and practical lighting for your bathroom – for instance, task lighting for basin mirrors, spotlights over your bath and shower and a sprinkling of soft LED lights in the walls and ceiling for atmosphere. If this is beyond your financial reach, then a dimmer switch will enable you to dial down the lighting to a more restful setting for when you want to have a long, relaxing soak after a hard day. Remember to make sure that any lighting your install near the bath or inside the shower is designed to work safely without being affected by moisture.

How can I plan the perfect bathroom? 

A good idea is to begin by browsing through homify’s gallery of bathroom designs, then weighing these against your own practical needs and constraints. The style of the property, the number and age of the people who will be using the bathroom, the size of the bathroom, the budget you have to spend – these are some of the issues you’ll want to consider before you settle on an overall look or theme. Once you have a sense of the kind of bathroom you want, membership of homify can give you access to thousands of professional designers, architects, builders and suppliers who can help you hone your ideas and bring them to fruition. 

What happens if I have a small bathroom? 

Just because the space you have to work with is small, that doesn’t mean you need to scale down your ambitions for achieving the perfect bathroom. There are all kinds of small bathroom ideas that will help you get the maximum impact out of limited square-footage. One tip is to keep to a bold overall design, one that unifies the bathroom rather than breaking it into separate zones. This can be achieved in a number of ways, for example with breezy pastel hues, with wall mirrors, or with 3-D geometric patterns which create the illusion of added depth. A more radical option is to dispense with a conventional set-up and design a wet room, in which there is no separation between the shower and the other parts of the bathroom; by doing away with features such as a bulky shower cubicle, you can create a feeling of spaciousness even in a cramped bathroom.

What are some of the most popular bathroom decorating ideas? 

Eclectic style bathrooms

The eclectic style bathroom boldly mixes and matches elements from various trends for a look that’s striking and unique. For instance, you might pair floral wallpaper with industrial brushed steel fittings for a clash of masculine and feminine, tongue and groove panelling with a minimalist white suite for a countryside-meets-city bathroom, or youthful funky colours with Victorian mirror surrounds for a bathroom that blends old and new. Guaranteed to put a stamp of individuality on the most anonymous of spaces, the result is always sure to be fresh, exciting and a hot topic of conversation. 

Minimalist bathrooms

The minimalist bathroom is all about tasteful elegance, freedom from clutter and a sleek, perfect finish.  Baths and basins are usually in white, with pared back, highly architectural shapes, and discreet neutral tones tend to predominate. Patterned marbles and a mixture of stones can create texture and a feeling of refined luxury, while a darkly tiled floor or contrasting feature wall can be used to add interest to the bathroom. At their best, minimalist bathrooms are oases of serenity, but they can sometimes fall into the trap of seeming a little chilly and unwelcoming. 

Modern Bathrooms

The modern bathroom is a happy medium between the elegant restraint of minimalism and the exuberance and flair of eclectic design. At the heart of it, ideally, should be a luxurious shower, a stylish designer wash basin, a sturdy free-standing bath and a few other creature comforts. But these can be framed in a range of colours from pale pastels to popping purples, and the overall bathroom should feel like part of a living, breathing home rather than a spa or hotel, with a scattering of accessories chosen to reflect the owner’s personality and gender. This style of bathroom also has broad commercial appeal, making it an ideal look if you’re renovating a property with a view to selling it on in the short term. 

Country style bathrooms

The country style bathroom evokes a feeling of cosy comfort, traditional without being too stiff and formal, and with a mixture of romanticism and robustness. Floral wallpaper, coloured tiles arranged in quilt-style chequered patterns, wash basin pedestals with Victorian scrollwork – these are just some of the elements you can play with in a style with offers ample scope for individual expression. Relaxed in outlook, it’s a bathroom style that’s ideal for a house in the country or a weekend cottage. 

Rustic style bathrooms

The rustic style bathroom is simple, homely and unpretentious. Rather than the super-smooth sheen of most bathroom styles, here a degree of roughness is what gives the look its character – uneven stone walls painted in cream or neutral tones, and furnishings which seem to have been borrowed from other rooms in the house: a mirror hanging by a chair, a limewashed chest of drawers supporting a hand basin. For a finishing touch, a display of painted tiles can make a good decorative feature.