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Country style bathroom

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  31.  Bathroom by ASN İç Mimarlık , Country Ceramic
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Why are country bathrooms so popular?

Making a bathroom look comfortable and warm can be a big struggle. But with country style layouts you can be sure about achieving an aesthetically pleasing decor for your space. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom anytime soon, then you can find some essential tips on how to achieve the perfect balance. In addition, you can also see multiple examples of country style bathrooms on Homify. They will give you an idea of all the different accessories and elements that you can add in your own home.

What are the elements that most characterize country baths? 

Rustic looking fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, and sinks are commonly found in country style bathrooms. In simple words, you can call these baths old fashioned when it comes to the interior decoration. You can even see old metal pipes and ducts as a decorative feature in such spaces. However, the overall style is sober and subtle compared to a typical industrial style design. Another element which dominates the decor of a country style bathroom is oxidized metal. It can also be used for creating sanitaryware which is generally accessorized with stainless steel fixtures.

Also a country style bathroom is known for replicating different elements of nature. It needs to be simple and an harmonious blend of rustic materials. In the real sense, this design theme replicates homes of yesteryears. Although, while incorporating this design in a modern residence you need to adjust it accordingly. For example, the water composition system needs to be redone for fixtures like bathtubs and sinks. It is one of the most critical adjustments that need to be made for cities that face water shortage throughout the year.

What materials should I use to coat the walls of my country bathrooms?

Choosing a material which looks beautiful and can resist humidity is a must for country style bathrooms. Some of the most highly recommended elements to coat your bathroom walls are stones and wood. Selecting materials which are readily available in your region is advisable. This will allow the design to look more authentic. Using natural materials in a country style bathroom influences the model to a great extent. Also, while coating your walls with stones make sure that you opt for an uneven or rough cut texture. It will give a better finish to the surface when compared to shiny tiles.

On the other hand, if you are using wood then avoid getting it vanished. It will make your bathroom look like an actual country-style space. Also, wood needs to be specially treated for resisting moisture. In case you want a simpler option for coating your bathroom walls with country style elements then you may even consider using terracotta tiles. They are not only cheaper than other materials but are also easy to layout. Apart from this, you can find these tiles in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.

How can I coat the floors of my country bathroom?

Decorating the floor of a country style bathroom is very easy. Here are a few materials which can be used for giving your bath beautiful results. 


This material is easily available in the market throughout the country. Terracotta and stone tiles are not only affordable but can also add a rustic touch to your room. Besides, you can even create different looks depending on the color palette you select. Some of the most prominent advantages of using these tiles are resistance and durability. Maintaining hygiene in the bathroom also becomes very easy with such flooring options.


A much-loved color for country-style design is red. This can be incorporated in your bathroom by covering the floor with bricks. If you want to give your floor a grand and chic touch you can even try painting it with pastel shades.


Wood is also a commonly used material in country style bathrooms. It is ideal for enhancing the rustic look of the room. But some of the most significant drawbacks of using a wooden floor is that you need to take professional help for laying the planks. Also, wood needs to be treated carefully to resist humidity and water.

What else can I add to my country bathroom to make it memorable?

In addition to all the materials listed above, you can also use flowers to decorate your country style bathroom. You can either opt for a fresh flower arrangement or a dry one according to your taste. On the other hand, you can also select floral patterns for your bathroom accessories. For being a little more creative, you can even add vintage accessories. For example An old wooden table can be used as a base for the sink. Any old metal accessory lying in your storage shed can turn into a beautiful decorative element for your country style bathroom. This particular theme does not follow a minimalistic approach which makes it easy for you to decorate the room as per your preference. All you need to remember is to create a beautiful visual balance and not make the room look cramped.

In case you still need help to create the perfect layout for your country style bathroom then try getting in touch with our professional designers. They can not only guide you in making the ideal choice when it comes to materials but can also help you come up with the perfect design.