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Tropical style bathroom

  1. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  2. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
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  4. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  5. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  6. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  7. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  8. Need help with your bathroom?
  9. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  10. Seascape Villa :  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  11. Chameleon Villa Bali:  Bathroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical Wood Wood effect
  12. EASTWOOD GREEN 2:  Bathroom by Eightytwo Pte Ltd,Tropical
  13. Sunset House:  Bathroom by ming architects,Tropical
  14.  Bathroom by JESSICA DESIGN STUDIO, Tropical
  15.  Bathroom by José Vigil Arquitectos , Tropical
  16.  Bathroom by Design by Torsten Müller, Tropical
  17.  Bathroom by Tamara Wibowo Architects, Tropical Ceramic
  18.  Bathroom by MJKanny Architect, Tropical
  19.  Bathroom by JAQUESTUDIO, Tropical
  20.  Bathroom by Ancona + Ancona Arquitectos, Tropical
  21.  Bathroom by MJKanny Architect, Tropical
  22.  Bathroom by alexander and philips, Tropical Stone
  23.  Bathroom by Lighthouse Architect Indonesia, Tropical
  24.  Bathroom by JESSICA DESIGN STUDIO, Tropical
  25.  Bathroom by Mandalananta Studio, Tropical Bricks
  26.  Bathroom by SEKALA Studio, Tropical Granite
  27.  Bathroom by CMS.ARQ - Camila Machado Salmória, Tropical
  28.  Bathroom by homify, Tropical
  29.  Bathroom by Lux4home™ Indonesia, Tropical
  30.  Bathroom by Suiten7, Tropical Marble
  31.  Bathroom by Fotoceramic, Tropical
  32.  Bathroom by 108 ARQUITETURA, Tropical Tiles
  33.  Bathroom by JESSICA DESIGN STUDIO, Tropical

How do I design a beautiful tropical bathroom?

Relaxing and feeling refreshed becomes much more accessible in a tropical style bathroom. It allows you to connect with nature as soon as you step in the room. It is one of the reasons why owners prefer to incorporate this design style in their homes. Besides, designing a tropical style bathroom is also very easy. You just need to know all the right tips and tricks to achieve the perfect environment. More so, there are numerous professional designers registered on Homify who can help you create your tropical paradise.

What are essential elements to include in tropical baths? 

One of the main things to remember while designing a tropical bathroom is to make it look natural. Even if you cannot incorporate real natural elements, make it a point to replicate the same ambiance with artificial ones. You also need to opt for vibrant and lively decorative features rather than subtle ones. For example, if you are trying to include plants or floral prints in your tropical style bathroom then always go for something exotic. You can even use one of the walls to create a vertical garden.

What stand out elements can be used in tropical bathrooms?

A tropical style bathroom is all about creating a luxurious or spa like space. One of the simplest ways of doing so is by incorporating large windows. It will allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view of the surrounding landscape and will also make the bathroom look bright. The other stand-out feature which you can add to your tropical bathroom is incorporating an indoor garden. This trick works good for urban style bathrooms which are usually smaller in size. Adding a few potted plants and a natural light source is all you need to create a beautiful yet straightforward tropical bathroom.

What furniture should be used in tropical bathrooms?

Even the furniture of a tropical style bathroom should look natural. That is why design styles like rustic or country are preferred. Besides using natural materials to build all the pieces of furniture is also highly recommended. Including fixtures that are locally crafted will add an authentic touch to the room. The ideal material to use for creating furniture of your tropical style bathroom is either wood or wicker. Although, you need to treat them carefully so that they can withstand the high moisture levels of the toilet. On the other hand, when it comes to selecting the fixtures you can use patterns like the mosaic in green color to replicate nature.

What decor elements can I use in tropical bathrooms? 

Tropical style bathrooms can be decorated in a lot of ways. Also, you do not need to spend a lot when it comes to incorporating decorative elements in such spaces. On a portal, you can find various pictures of bathrooms in tropical style. They can be used as an inspiration for creating your own space. One simple example of decorating your bathroom is by adding a water bowl along with some floating flowers. You can even line the borders of your bathtub and shower with natural stones. Rustic elements go perfectly with this design theme which is why you can also add wooden bowls to store your bathroom essentials.

Infusing your bathroom with natural aromas and fragrances is another way to add to the natural theme. Incorporating potpourris made out of flowers is one of the examples. A tropical style bathroom needs to look lively and vibrant, but you should still add soothing colors. These can include shades of cream or brown. Another practical way to create the desired ambiance is by incorporating LED lights. You can select fixtures which allow you to change the color of the light so that you can adjust the mood accordingly. You can even place these accessories creatively so that it looks like a natural element. Trying out modern aspects like an LED rain shower fixture can also come in handy.

What materials are best to coat the walls of tropical bathrooms?

Ordinary materials like white bathroom tiles should be avoided while decorating a tropical style space. It not only makes the room look dull but also monotonous. This design style is all about making your bathroom look cheerful which is why incorporating other shades like brown or terracotta is recommended. You can even include floral prints of bright colors in the form of curtains and border tiles. Another option which can make your bathroom look natural is stone cladding.

What can I use for coating the floors of tropical bathrooms?

Creating a beautiful contrast between the walls and floor of your tropical style bathroom is a must. That is why using a material which is darker in color is an excellent choice. It will also make the bathroom composition look beautiful. You can even cover the floor of your bathroom with printed rubber tiles. It is not only anti-skid but is also available in different natural prints like stones and flowers. A material like this can solve multiple purposes.

Achieving the right balance between all the different elements of a tropical style bathroom can be a little daunting. But by taking help from our professional bathroom designers, you can solve such issues instantly. You can even approach them for a free consultation to clear all your concerns.