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Mediterranean style bedroom

  1. Mediterranean style bedroom by jle architekten Mediterranean
  2. Mediterranean style bedroom by Nice home barcelona Mediterranean
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  4. Mediterranean style bedroom by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  5. Mediterranean style bedroom by Design Arc Interiors Interior Design Company Mediterranean Plywood
  6. Mediterranean style bedroom by CARMAN INTERIORISMO Mediterranean
  7. Mediterranean style bedroom by Victor Guerra.Design Mediterranean
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  9. Mediterranean style bedroom by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  10. Mediterranean style bedroom by Estúdio 2 : 1 Mediterranean
  11. Mediterranean style bedroom by Abrils Studio Mediterranean
  12. Mediterranean style bedroom by arQmonia estudio, Arquitectos de interior, Asturias Mediterranean
  13. Mediterranean style bedroom by ROSA PURA HOME STORE Mediterranean
  14. Mediterranean style bedroom by CREAPROJECTS. Interior design. Mediterranean
  15. HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Mediterranean style bedroom by Bloomint design Mediterranean
  16. HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Mediterranean style bedroom by Bloomint design Mediterranean
  17. by MSBT 幔室布緹 Mediterranean Wood-Plastic Composite
  18. Mediterranean style bedroom by maria inês home style Mediterranean
  19. Mediterranean style bedroom by The Room Studio Mediterranean
  20. Mediterranean style bedroom by Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Mediterranean
  21. Mediterranean style bedroom by Egue y Seta Mediterranean
  22. HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Mediterranean style bedroom by Bloomint design Mediterranean
  23. Mediterranean style bedroom by ICON INTERIOR Mediterranean
  24. by CREAPROJECTS. Interior design. Mediterranean
  25. Mediterranean style bedroom by Da Rocha Interiors Mediterranean
  26. Mediterranean style bedroom by Nice home barcelona Mediterranean
  27. The Jasmine Residence Mediterranean style bedroom by Belal Samman Architects Mediterranean
  28. Mediterranean style bedroom by beatrice pierallini Mediterranean
  29. Mediterranean style bedroom by homify Mediterranean
  30. Mediterranean style bedroom by Montecchio S.r.l. Mediterranean
  31. Mediterranean style bedroom by Studio Ferlenda Mediterranean
  32. Mediterranean style bedroom by Студия дизайна Дарьи Одарюк Mediterranean
  33. Mediterranean style bedroom by studiosagitair Mediterranean

Is the Mediterranean design style suitable for bedrooms?

A bedroom needs to be comfortable as well as a pleasant looking. Therefore, the Mediterranean style is best suited for such rooms. We all love to sleep in a relaxing environment so that we can feel rejuvenated every morning which is the main feature of such themes. Also, similar bedroom designs are easy to incorporate in any room regardless of its size. It will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and refreshing ambiance even if your home is situated in the middle of an urban city.

What decorative elements will look good in Mediterranean bedrooms? 

The three main decorative elements of a Mediterranean style bedroom are paintings, plants, and mirrors. The ideal way of adding a touch of elegance to your room is through art. In a typical Mediterranean style bedroom incorporating art forms like landscape pictures or paintings is an excellent choice. Additionally, you can even consider putting up some beautifully framed mirrors throughout the room. They allow the light to travel into every corner of the place which is essential for creating a Mediterranean design. More so, incorporating mirrors will make your bedroom look spacious.

The other decorative element which is critical for creating a Mediterranean style is nature. That is why make sure that you add small potted plants wherever possible. Plants like cactus, flowers, or even herbs are ideal for reflecting positive energy into your bedroom. On the other hand, if money is no constrain then decorative features like Persian carpets or rugs can also be used for beautifying the bedroom. However, the climatic condition of your city must be considered before using these elements. The best part about a Mediterranean style bedroom is that the possibilities are endless. You can even incorporate cute looking accessories like sailor trunks in the room to use as a storage unit.

What colours, textures and techniques are best for the walls of Mediterranean bedrooms?

The Mediterranean style is best known for showcasing rustic interiors which are also cheerful and bright. That is why most people prefer to use different techniques to bring textures into the room. One such method is stucco. It is a type of wall-art which can be created yourself. All you need is a little wall paint and a piece of sponge. If you want a professional finish on your wall then going through our list of expert painters can be a great idea.

The other way of adding textures is by using bricks or stones on the walls. But they should be painted in the color white so that it resembles a typical Mediterranean theme. Apart from this, you can also use other colors which represent different elements of nature. The ideal shades would be blue, turquoise, lavender, cream, beige, terracotta, aquamarine, olive green, and orange.

What materials should be used for the floors and ceilings of Mediterranean bedrooms?


The best way to showcase Mediterranean style through your roof is by incorporating exposed wooden beams. In case you want them to stand out then painting them with colors like aquamarine, pastel blue, or olive green is also recommended. However, if you do not like structural elements as decorative ones, then you can opt for arched ceilings instead.


Usually, the floor of a Mediterranean style bedroom is coated with light color wood as it provides warmth and brightness. Also, materials like tiles and mosaics can be used to highlight the design. For a spectacular result adding bright color mosaic tiles in different shades of orange and red can be a great idea. A good quality tile of this type would cost anywhere from 30 SGD to 100 SGD per square foot.

What other elements can be used to decorate Mediterranean bedrooms?

Creativity is the key to designing the perfect Mediterranean style bedroom. Instead of investing in regular pieces of furniture you can also build your own. Materials like cement can be used to create bedside tables jutting out from the floor. This gives you the chance to incorporate the furniture into the structure of your bedroom. Another material which is used a lot in Mediterranean bedrooms is wood. Features like a beautiful wooden door can be installed in your bedroom to add a touch of the rustic environment. Although, using light color wood is a must so that it does not compromise on the brightness of the space.

What about lighting in Mediterranean rooms? Generally, a Mediterranean style bedroom should have ample amount of natural light. That is why incorporating large windows in your bedroom is preferred. But in case there are no sources of natural light you can opt for artificial fixtures as well. You can use warm tone LED light strips in your room to create a pleasant and relaxing environment. If you are a little concerned about creating the perfect lighting for your bedroom, then make it a point to get in touch with our experts. They will provide you with a free consultation regarding designing the perfect Mediterranean theme house.