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Tropical style bedroom

  1. Typical HDB flat:  Small bedroom by Swish Design Works,Tropical
  2. Seascape Villa :  Bedroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
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  4. Seascape Villa :  Bedroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  5. Chameleon Villa Bali:  Bedroom by Word of Mouth House,Tropical
  6.  Bedroom by Mayra Lopes Arquitetura | Interiores, Tropical
  7.  Bedroom by ALIGN architecture interior & design, Tropical
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  9.  Bedroom by Simple Projects Architecture, Tropical Granite
  10.  Bedroom by MORADA CUATRO, Tropical
  11.  Bedroom by Taller Interno, Tropical
  12.  Bedroom by Mutabile, Tropical
  13.  Bedroom by Casa Bruno American Home Decor, Tropical
  14.  Bedroom by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd., Tropical Engineered Wood Transparent
  15.  Bedroom by SING萬寶隆空間設計, Tropical
  16.  Bedroom by Artcrafts, Tropical
  17.  Small bedroom by Obed Clemente Arquitectos, Tropical Stone
  18.  Bedroom by inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD, Tropical
  19.  Bedroom by ALIGN architecture interior & design, Tropical
  20.  Bedroom by Maria Claudia Faro, Tropical
  21.  Bedroom by Specht Architects, Tropical
  22.  Bedroom by homify, Tropical
  23.  Bedroom by Simple Projects Architecture, Tropical Solid Wood Multicolored
  24.  Bedroom by alexander and philips, Tropical
  25.  Bedroom by Kamat & Rozario Architecture, Tropical
  26.  Bedroom by Living Innovations Design Unlimited, Inc., Tropical
  27.  Bedroom by  ILAB2.0 Design Studio, Tropical
  28.  Small bedroom by Sia Moore Archıtecture Interıor Desıgn, Tropical Wood Wood effect
  29.  Bedroom by Студия интерьерного дизайна, Tropical
  30.  Bedroom by Specht Architects, Tropical
  31.  Bedroom by alexander and philips, Tropical
  32.  Bedroom by Artcrafts, Tropical
  33.  Bedroom by MJKanny Architect, Tropical

How can I recreate the vibrancy of the tropical style in my bedroom?

If you too love the cheerful and natural charm of a tropical style design, then you are at the right place. On Homify, we feature thousands of pictures of beautiful bedrooms decorated with the same style. You can visit the website and browse through these images to get inspired. Also, these photos showcase various elements that can be incorporated into a tropical style bedroom. Singapore can turn out to be an ideal location for creating your tropical style bedroom as the climate matches the overall theme. This theme can be used for decorating any home including a modern looking bungalow or villa.

How can I decorate the beds in a tropical room?

One of the simplest ways of decorating the bed of a tropical style room is by providing a beautiful contrast. You can opt for a white or neutral bedspread which is accessorized with cushion covers of tropical prints. This is not only an inexpensive way of decorating the room but also proves to be one of the most successful. Floral or fruit photographs are some of the most common design used for furnishing in a tropical style bedroom. Another way to add a stylish touch to your bedroom is by opting for subtle shades of color.

For example you can line your bed with a beautiful canopy the showcases one of these pastel shades. Also, this won't disturb the flow of natural light within the room. A solid wood bed with a canopy can cost you anywhere from 500 SGD 2000 SGD. Although, you can even create your own canopy by using colorful fabrics and a few wooden pillars. You can also use a mosquito net and an old fan to create a romantic ambiance in your tropical bedroom.

What decorative elements look good in tropical rooms?

Natural fiber carpets 

Decorating a tropical style space is very easy as there are endless possibilities. A simple way to do so is by adding carpets and rugs made out of natural materials. Fibres made out of bamboo, jute, or hemp not only beautify the floor but also add to the inherent aspect of the theme. The best part about these materials is that they can be used year round irrespective of the climate. A standard size jute rug can cost you around 150 SGD per piece. However, the thickness and print of the carpet can also affect the price.

Decorative plants 

As you know, the tropical theme is all about incorporating natural elements. That is why plants and flowers are a significant part of the overall decor. To make the room look natural using colorful pots and flowers is advisable. In case, you have a small room then you can even incorporate wall-mounted shelves for showcasing such features. If you want to be a little more creative then suspending Japanese moss balls from your roof can also be an excellent way to decorate the bedroom.


Adding colorful prints to a tropical style bedroom becomes much more manageable with wallpaper. It is generally available in a wide variety of range including prints like hibiscus and flamingos. However, covering only one of the walls of your bedroom is recommended. Otherwise, the entire decor can be overpowered with such bold wallpaper. Creating a focal wall using a wallpaper is essential which is by adding it behind your headboard is a great idea.

Rattan lamps

These lamps usually come in spherical shapes. Also, they can add a unique touch to your tropical style bedroom by showcasing filtered patterns of light passing through the lampshade. If you want to know more about all the different elements which you can incorporate while creating a tropical theme, then you can ask our interior designers for help.

What type of furniture is ideal for tropical bedrooms?

A tropical design needs to create a comfortable vibe. It should also make the space look relaxing and vibrant. For this using handmade furniture is an excellent idea. Furniture pieces that showcase rustic, vintage, or retro styles can complement a tropical style bedroom immensely. On the other hand, you can even get these furniture pieces made out of materials like rattan or wicker. These are two of the most used elements globally when it comes to creating tropical layouts. More so, you can even add a bit of personality to your tropical bedroom by including furniture pieces like a wooden rocking chair. Furniture made out of bamboo and cane is also gaining popularity day by day.

Where can I find more inspiration to design and decorate tropical rooms? 

The correct way to find inspirations for tropical designs is by browsing through pictures on Homify. We have a extensive range of projects displayed on our website which can give you great ideas for designing your own tropical bedroom. These images can not only give you an idea of all the elements which can be included in a tropical style bedroom. But can also allow you to create a modern looking space without spending a fortune.