Bungalows: architecture, inspiration & pictures

Bungalows are typical to South Asia. It has its origin in India. But the fondness about this type of house is now universal. Originally, it used to be a single story house with a large porch. Modern ones, however, tend to be at least two stories high. The detached nature of these houses proves to be very useful for the owners. In places like Singapore where property prices rise by the year, possessing a house like this is difficult but not impossible.

Bungalow as your permanent home vs bungalow as your holiday home

A bungalow house in Singapore tends to be more or less for the perennial use. But you need not limit yourself to this option only. Many modern residents of the city build a spacious house as a weekend getaway beyond the limits of the city. You could be one of them too.

After all, it is more convenient to stay closer to your workplace, kid’s school etc and cut down on the commutation time. Similarly, during the weekends or longer holidays, it is perfectly natural to try to get away from the daily humdrum and relax in a secluded house of one’s own. You will find some of the finest examples of weekend homes right here on the website. You can also invite your close friends and relations and spend a truly memorable vacation together.  

Different types of bungalow houses

In Singapore, a house must have a minimum of 400 sqm of space to qualify as a bungalow. Besides, Singapore has something known as Good Class Bungalows or GCBs. Your house, or the one you are intending to buy, must fulfil a very stringent set of rules to qualify as a GCB.

To begin with, GCBs must have floor spaces of 1400 sqm or more. It should be located in one of the thirty nine designated areas in Singapore meant for such houses. This type of house cannot be more than three storeys high either.

Architecturally, they vary a lot from one another. While some of them possess a gabled look similar to the colonial era buildings, some of the other showcase a cutting edge contemporary look.   

How common bungalows are in Singapore?

Despite the rising prices, the demand of the bungalow houses has not exactly receded in Singapore. In fact, scarcity has made them even more lucrative to invest in. Among other places, Good Class Bungalows are seen in Faber Park, King Albert Park, Goodman Road, Jalan Binchang, Sunset Heights and Holland Village.  

Building a bungalow

Bungalow prices in Singapore tend to be quite high. Those at the lower end of the scale often cost SGD 3 million or more. A brand new beach bungalow can cost SGD 6 million and above. Overwater bungalows in or around Ocean Drive are sold at SGD 8 million or more. GCBs come at a premium. If you wish to buy a GCB near Goodman Road, Sunset Heights, Broadrick Road or thereabout, be prepared to shell out an excess of SGD 12 million.

You can, on the other hand, consider renovating an old house or build a new one from scratch. For building a new house, the cost will be along the same line. A spacious two storey house in one of the premium sites of the city would cost you SGD 3.5 million or above.  

Maintaining & costs

The cost of maintenance varies according to the built of the house, the space and amenities. Include the costs like property tax, utility bills, service charges, conservancy fees etc in your monthly maintenance costs. 

Taking energy efficiency into account when building a bungalow

Learn to take good care in building an energy efficient home. In a hot and humid place like the city, it will help you save money on the utility bills. Speak with your architect and choose materials that keep the temperature down in the interiors during the long summer months. Modern insulation materials will also help you keep the temperature within a comfortable limit and reduce electricity consumption.

Protective measures against possible natural disasters

Take good measures to fire-proof your house. Invest in lightning protections. Though the city does not experience too many days of stormy weather, take due measures to protect your windows. Outer walls and basements must be protected from rainwater seepages.

Legal issues that may arise when building a bungalow

Like other places around the globe, Singapore has its own rules and regulations. You need to adhere to them while buying a property here. Expect to enter an Option to Purchase showing your intent in buying a property. You will then get into a Sale and Purchase Agreement. Stamp Duties are determined based on the price of the property. A Certificate of Title will be awarded to you at the end of the entire process.  

Pros & cons

Both as a place of residence and a city to invest in, Singapore offers excellent possibilities. It is located very conveniently at the heart of the Asia Pacific region and is a bustling centre of trade and commerce. However, if you don’t mean to stay here long term, purchasing a property outright may not be the right option for you. In such a case, consider renting or owning a leasehold property. 

Which professionals can help you?

Singapore is also home to some of the most brilliant minds in modern architecture. Do not hesitate to contact the local architects who will help you plan your dream home.

When building it from scratch

If you are about to own your first house and finding yourself a little short on inspiration, don’t feel shy to surf through our website. You will find gorgeous examples of bedrooms () in every possible size, adorable kitchens, relaxing bathrooms and more.