Carport: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Sheds built for cars and other types of vehicles are known as carports. The name became a part of the modern architectural vocabulary after famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright used it in one of his buildings. He built an open shelter for private vehicles in one of the houses in Madison, in the United States and referred to it as a carport. The shelter only had a stylish roof set on pillars. It was not enclosed by walls which were common for such type of structures till then. It is generally believed, the term carport originated from the French phrase, “porte-cochère.”

Carports are useful for protecting your vehicles from the natural elements. They can be designed even in a small and tight corner of your front yard. Sleek carports can increase the charm of the front façade of any building. They are easy to build and maintain. The design of the carports makes it a very affordable choice for the modern homeowners.

However, carports do not provide the greatest amount of security to your private vehicles. They do not provide complete protection from the elements of nature, especially stormy weather, heavy shower and snowfall. Some people find carports not so attractive a choice. So, instead of increasing it, their presence may decrease the value of your home.

Carport ideas in the front of a building

Building carports in front of the house can prove to be a slightly tricky business. Any flaw in the design would not only make the structure weak, but also reduce the charm of the front façade of your house. Some of the popular front of the house carport designs includes the following:

Boxed eave carport – This type of carport is built with an array of metal sheets on the roofing. These sheets are placed horizontally. Each layer of sheets slightly overlaps the layer below. The roofing system is complemented with metallic or wooden framework, that is, the roof trusses and columns. To suit the exterior walls of your building, you can paint them in a variety of colours. Boxed eave private and commercial carports are very popular in Singapore.

Vertical roof carport – This type of design resembles the boxed eave carports in many ways. However, the roofing is made of vertical sheets of metals, instead of the horizontal layers. You have the option of going for the wood or metallic framework for the rest of the structure. Wooden structures look more appealing to the classical, modern and country style buildings. Metallic structures are suitable for industrially designed contemporary homes.

Arched and pitched roof carports – Both of these are very stylish options, but are easier to install than the other two types of carports on this list. Arched and pitched roofing made of clear acrylic roofing is very much in vogue now. Though they don’t provide the greatest amount of protection from sunshine, they are chic and enhance the curb appeal of your home. They can be built using metal or wood framework and are very cost effective.

For any of these designs, you have the flexibility of choosing the right dimensions for your carport. So you can build a spacious and comfortable shelter for your sports utility vehicle, family car and garden utility vehicle at the same time.

Carport ideas attached to a building

Carports attached to a residential building can be designed with lean to roofing. It is easy to install and cost effective. You may opt for corrugated metal, clear acrylic or roof tiles for the roofing system. Building a flat roof on top of the structure is also not impossible. You may build permanent concrete flat roof for your carport or opt for a drive through porch. In either case, you will be able to utilise the additional roof space to design a small garden or an outdoor entertainment zone. If you have such plans through, don’t forget to reinforce the structure with galvanised steel trusses and columns.

What is an affordable way of installing a carport?

In Singapore, you need to seek permission of the local building authorities to make any addition or alteration to the existing structure. However, there is hardly any hassle involved in securing a building permit for your carport. It is possible to design a stylish carport in less than SGD 2500. In this price, you will be able to build a standard 12 feet long, 20 feet wide and 7 feet high carport.

You may also consider buying prefabricated carports from the local suppliers. This costs less than SGD 1800 and could be installed on the front yard of your building in one weekend. However if you wish to have a trendy carport designed to match the style of your building, then book a consultation with an experienced architect. You will find architects willing to guide you through the process on homify’s online platform.

What are some of the differences between carports and garages?

Still now, we have spoken exclusively about carport, its designs and the approximate costs. You may be more intent to build a traditional garage instead of a carport. Let’s find out some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Carports are sleek, easy to build and cost effective. They provide some protection from the constant exposure to rain and sunshine to your cars. They can be built in a very limited amount of space.

Garages, on the other hand, add value to any home. They provide greater amount of security to your valuable possessions. Besides parking cars, garages can be used in a range of different ways. You can build an accessory dwelling unit on the first floor level. Some of the other options include building a home office, garden shed or children’s play area. Garages are costlier than carports and take more time to build. You may, however, bring down the costs by opting for the prefabricated structures.