How to design a stylish hall?

Halls are much like a portal to a welcoming home. The décor of the hallway creates an immediate impression in the minds of those who come to visit your house. If it is tastefully decorated, warm and cosy then the visitor can be virtually assured of your hospitality. On the other hand, a neglected hall design often raises serious questions about the tastes and housekeeping practices of the owners of the house.

Decorating the hall and corridors of your home need not feel tricky. Only a handful of items are enough to give it an elegant style. Though you need to be careful about choosing the right materials and items of the décor. You may consider taking help of an interior designer. A professional has all the necessary skills and experience to design a spectacular hallway according to your tastes and requirements and within your budget.

Many halls and corridors of the Singapore homes are enclosed spaces. They don’t have access to the natural light or only have insufficient access to the same. Choose materials and colour schemes that don’t make the space look gloomier. Use stylish lighting fixtures to make the space look cheerful in the evening. This gives it a more welcoming feel and is also of paramount importance from the safety point of view.

Most of the halls and corridors of the modern buildings are small due to an acute shortage of space. Use large mirrors and simple decorative items to brighten them up. Spread a runner along with a door mat. It would give the space a cosier feel. Besides, these steps help you to keep the interior clean and dust free. Instead of expensive items of décor, choose potted plants and fresh flowers to deck up the space.

Install a sturdy front door which looks stylish and is also secure. Wooden doors are the most popular type of the front doors. They can be given various styles. Besides, wooden doors are durable and last for a long time. You may also opt for metal doors cloaked in plywood, uPVC doors and wrought iron doors. You may also like to install a glass door along with a secondary wrought iron door for beauty and better security.

The design of your front and internal doors has a big impact on the décor of the corridor. So choose stylish wooden doors or flush doors for your rooms. Buy door hardware that exactly matches the décor of the hall. Bronze and copper tone hardware looks great in a classical, country style or tropical setting. Steel grey finishes are apt for the contemporary buildings. You may decorate the walls with framed paintings of photographs. Choose a large framed image or a set of four to six small images to beautify the walls. Don’t clutter the space with too many decorative items. They will compete with each for attention.

What furniture do I need in my hall or corridor?

Choose a stylish shoe rack and place it on one side of the corridor or under the staircase. You may install floating shoe racks to free up some floor space in a small hall. Covered shoe racks are better than the open ones. They help keeping the space neat and tidy. You may buy shoe racks made of wood, metal wire, plywood, uPVC or a combination of wood and aluminium. Collapsible fabric shoe racks are also available in the local market. Choose one that feels in sync with the ambience. Buy sleek and lightweight designs that are easy to clean and maintain.

Make a small seating arrangement in the hall. This helps you take a little breather after a long walk. You may simply place a couple of upholstered chairs or ottoman. A storage ottoman or bench would be a great way to relieve some clutter of a small hallway. For a larger hall, a small sofa might be more appropriate. Invest in a chic console table. Console tables were once a staple of every home. But lack of space in this part of the building has forced them to disappear from the hallways. But you need not worry. When space is insufficient, simply replace a traditional console table with a slim and floating shelf. Both of them will perform the same tasks, but the latter would not waste any space.

Decorate the top of your console table or floating shelf with small figurines, flower vases and table lamp. For a larger hallway, you may buy a round top table for the centre of the room. Decorate the top of the table with a statement vase or potted plant. Plants like Ficus elastic, Aglaonema, Passiflora, Spathiphyllum and Schefflera grow well in the indoor environment of the Singapore homes. You may choose one or more than one of these plants to decorate the halls and corridors of your home.

What flooring should I choose for my hall?

Wood feels warm and elegant. Wooden floor is one of the most appreciated types of flooring across the globe. You may choose teak, ipe, hickory, oak, walnut, mahogany or pine to build the wood flooring. Marble, sandstone and granite are some of the most favoured flooring materials in Singapore. They are durable, easy to maintain and charming. Ceramic tiles come at a fraction of a cost of natural wood and stone flooring. However, they are available in an unlimited range of colours and designs. Besides, ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. You may design the hallway flooring using these tiles. Hire an expert floor installer for the job and enjoy all the benefits of a flawless work.