Dining Room design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is the perfect dining room? 

The perfect dining room is one that feels relaxing and homely, and which is perfect for entertaining guests in. There is no fixed size or layout to the perfect dining room, all that matters is that it meets the householders' needs. The team at homify have created a fantastic range of dining room ideas, so that everyone will be able to create the perfect dining room for them. 

Dining room ideas & inspiration

Here are just a few ways of making your dining room the very best it can be. Firstly, why not think about a colour scheme, which encompasses everything from the hue of the walls to accessories like lamps and runners for dining room tables? Warm orange hues, for instance, are great for creating a bright and welcoming feel, and they can be complemented by furniture, throws, and accessories in everything from traditional earthy colours to bright yellows. Another great idea for decorating your dining room is to think about a centrepiece for the room and work around that. A large chandelier-style light fitting is a great focal point for any dining room, for instance, as are dining room tables surrounded by elegant dining furniture. These are just a few tips, though: homify has plenty more. 

How do I design my dining room?

There are lots of things that you can think about when designing your dining room. Do you want a set of matching dining furniture, for instance, or a more eclectic feel? Which types of colours do you want to use for your dining room decor? homify has a wealth of dining room design ideas for you to choose from, so why not use homify’s photographs and theme ideas to create a gorgeous dining room. 

What to watch out for when designing my dining room?

Ensure there is plenty of space to move around and relax. It is all very well having a huge, majestic table in the centre of the room, but this will actually be a hindrance if guests have to squeeze around it to get to their seats. Think about the light, too, and when the room will most be used. Make use of windows that let in lots of beautiful evening sunshine if the room is mainly going to be used for evening meals, or place some breakfast furniture beneath a large window that catches the morning sun if the dining room is also going to be used as a breakfast parlour. 

Which colours for my dining room? 

One thing to think about in this regard is whether the dining room is to match the rest of the house or apartment? If so, choosing colours for the dining room is simple: just continue on the types of colour scheme that are used elsewhere in your living space. However, it can also be a good idea to give the dining room its own character, so that it feels like a distinctive space within the building. Fresh whites and gentle pastels are perfect for a spacious and airy feel, whilst glowing reds and robust brown hues are good for making any dining room feel cosy and welcoming. 

Tips for decorating my dining room 

Once the overall colour scheme has been chosen, accessories like lamps, table runners, table mats and cushions can all be chosen to match this: what could be easier? Think about where the sunlight will fall at different times of the day, and place tables and easy chairs to catch the light and lamps in places where you will most need to compensate for darkness. What to watch out for when buying dining room furniture Try and think about how the furniture contributes to the overall aesthetic of the dining room, as well as considering whether it fits well within the space you have to work with. homify has a great selection of many different types of dining room furniture, so there is something to suit all types of dining space here. Dining room furniture can always be customised using throws and cushions, so why not combine some comfortable furniture with some of these accessories?

Decorating ideas for small dining rooms

When it comes to small dining room ideas, homify has every angle covered. Small dining rooms have the advantage of feeling very cosy, and using décor in warm vivid tones will help to enhance this effect. But, to make these types of small dining space feel larger, ditching thick curtains and replacing them with sleek blinds or wide windows that bring in plenty of sunshine, and decorating the walls and floors in light tones will help to stop these types of dining room feeling cramped. Small dining rooms often particularly suit a minimalist look, so why not check out homify’s minimalist dining room photos for some inspiration? 

Which style for my dining room? 

How to: Country style dining rooms

Nothing is more homely than a traditional country style dining room. Opt for plenty of exposed wood and exposed brick to create this effect, finishing everything off with soft knitted throws in warm colours. A large wooden dining table is a must to create a country style effect, and some pictures of rural landscapes will really help to set the scene even further. Why not go for the full throwback effect with a stately candelabra on the dining table in place of electric lamps? 

How to: Modern dining rooms 

Stay forward thinking with modern dining rooms! Dining rooms in the modern style will typically feature lots of cutting edge technology, like sound systems to delight your guests with mood music as you dine. Opt for futuristic lighting systems and sleek, contemporary furniture to complete this look. homify has a fabulous range of modern dining furniture that you can choose from. Bright colours like neons, and plenty of metallic shades (such as metallic cushions or metallic table runners) are indispensible for creating a modern dining room. For a chic finishing touch, make sure to hang some modern art on the walls, or perhaps opt for a recent sculpture by a contemporary artist to form the centrepiece to the dining table in your modern dining room. 

How to: Eclectic style dining rooms 

Eclectic dining rooms are great for showing off many different facets of the homeowners’ personality, and for collecting together both old family heirlooms, bric a brac from second hand shops, and modern accessories all in a stylish way. Mix and match various different colours together, for example, adding a bright red cushion to a leaf green throw for an eye catching eclectic effect. There is no denying that an eclectic dining room is a fun place to be. This style of dining room is the one where your creativity can go wild, so if you feel trammelled by a particular theme like minimalism or country style dining rooms, perhaps opting for the eclectic style will be more your cup of tea. 

How to: Scandinavian style dining rooms

With simple wooden furniture, gentle designs, airy colours and plenty of light, Scandinavian style dining rooms always have a very spacious feel. homify has lots of brilliant Scandinavian made furniture to choose from, making it very easy to create a Scandinavian effect in a dining room of any size. Complete the Scandinavian feel by learning a few Scandinavian style dishes to serve up to guests! Scandinavian people are also famous for loving lots of high quality coffee, so installing a state of the art coffee maker in the dining room is another great way to give it that classy, breezy Scandinavian feel. Cool monochromes and simple patterns (often based around plant and leaf designs) are the essence of Scandinavian décor. 

How to: Minimalist dining rooms 

The minimalist look is one of the best and most practical small dining room ideas. So ditch the clutter and opt instead for clean, monochrome walls. You can also add some minimalist sculptures or artworks on the table or the wall, when working with a minimalist design. A simple table, some matching chairs, and perhaps a set of table mats are all that you need to create a minimalist dining room. No need for hundreds of little lamps, mats, cushions and so on: this is one of the simplest dining room ideas to make, and it looks really modern and fresh. Ideal for a small apartment where the household is nevertheless big on entertaining at home.

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