Double garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are the dimensions of a double garage in Singapore?

The size of garages is largely dictated by your requirements. If you are planning to park two of your family cars then you may opt for a garage which is around 16 to 18 feet long and 20 feet wide. However, if you are thinking of parking your garden utility vehicle alongside your sedan, then you will have to opt for a garage that is wider than the size mentioned above. In Singapore, it is common for the homeowners to have two car garages in the basement, attached to the building or in the backyard.

It helps them to conveniently travel across the busy streets of the city for various reasons like travelling to the workplace, dropping and picking up children from their schools and going for shopping. However, land price is exorbitant here. So, many of them don’t have the option of going for a spacious garage even when they sorely need it for their home. If you are one of them, you may consider building a two story garage with a car lift in place. This will be more expensive than the conventional double garages, but it will help you address your space related concerns.

What materials are utilised to build a double garage in Singapore?

Garages can be constructed with a variety of materials. Two of the commonest materials among them are timber and metal. Garages built from timber look classy and are long lasting. Teak, cedar, hemlock and birch are some of the common wood species for timber built garages. Sometimes bamboo is used alongside natural wood. But timber is not the most cost effective material. So, in the contemporary dwellings, timber is often replaced with engineered wood and plywood.

Engineered wood or plywood does not boast of the charm and durability of solid wood clad garages. But they are affordable and easily available in the local market. Garages made of a steel framework are very strong, long lasting and secure. For an industrially designed home this is also a very suitable and stylish option. Even in the wood clad garages, it is not uncommon to have steel roll up doors. But steel costs only slightly less than solid wood. Besides, if not maintained properly, steel can be prone to rusting. Aluminium is a popular alternative to steel. It is lightweight and chic. Even wood clad garages sometimes use aluminium for the door and window frames. But aluminium is not as strong as steel and it is not a cost effective alternative to steel or wood.

Due their cost effectiveness, vinyl, fibreglass and acrylic are often used to build modern garages. Both vinyl and fibreglass are available in a range of colours and designs which increase their appeal further. Clear acrylic is used to build the roof of the carports as well. However, none of these materials boast of the strength and longevity of wood and steel. A combination of brick and concrete are often used to build garages in Singapore. The structure built this way happens to be extremely durable and secure. It is reasonably pocket friendly. You may even opt for precast concrete blocks to further bring down the price of a two car garage.       

What is the cost of a double garage in Singapore?

If you wish to build a garage completely made of wood then you will have to pay between SGD 7000 and SGD 9000. A steel garage costs about the same. Garages made of aluminium framework and cladding cost slightly less than that. It is possible for you to build an aluminium clad garage in less than SGD 5000. Vinyl garages cost between SGD 4000 and SGD 6000. Prefabricated double car garages are available in less than SGD 5000. However, you must take into account the cost of installation of a prefabricated structure. The installation cost often exceeds SGD 1000.

What are some of the different types of doors for double garages?

When it comes to selecting the right garage door, you have a range of options available in front of you. The best garage door must be at least 14 feet wide and more than 10 feet high. Roll up doors are the commonest type of doors installed in the double garages of Singapore. Being made of steel, they are sturdy and capable of providing the necessary amount of security to your cars. Besides, they don’t waste any space which is a big advantage for the small garages. High quality roll up shutters cost about SGD 750.

Retractable garage doors can be operated both manually and with the help of a remote control. They are a very smart and convenient option for the modern homeowners in Singapore. You will be able to buy retractable doors within SGD 1200. But installation costs vary a great deal from one garage door company to another. So don’t hesitate to check out the actual garage door installation costs before the purchase.

Sectional garage doors boast of an enduring appeal. It is an ideal option for your wood clad garage. Sometimes, sectional doors are constructed using steel or aluminium frames. This type of garage door price often exceeds SGD 1600. However, being very durable in nature, this high price can be considered a good investment.

How to select the right professional for building a double garage?

It is essential for you to choose an experienced professional to build a garage for your cars and handover the project to him or her. This way you can easily choose the right materials for your garage, ensure the right design that completely matches the façade design and stay within your budget. You may seek references about garage door installation experts from your friends or family members. Alternatively, you may contact such professionals through homify. Your home builder will also be able to help you in this matter.