What are the best floor types for my home in Singapore? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these floor types?

For your home in Singapore, you have the option of installing a variety of floorings. While choosing the ideal floor type, always keep in mind the design of the interiors, availability and durability of the materials in use and your budget. Some floor types like riverbed pebble flooring is more suited to a rustic environment than a contemporary home. If you have any doubt regarding choosing the right floor type for the design of your home, you may seek opinions from your interior designer. The following are some of the best flooring options for your home:

Stone flooring – This is one of the commonest types of flooring in Singapore homes. Stone tiles like marble, granite, sandstone and limestone are commonly used for this purpose. Stone tiles are durable, appreciated for their elegant appearance and easy to maintain. Additionally, stone tiles help to keep the interior cool during the long summer months. Natural stone tiles cost more than SGD 100 per square foot. Engineered stone, on the other hand, is available in less than SGD 25 per square foot.

Hardwood flooring – Hardwood flooring made of maple, oak, cedar, mahogany, ash, birch, pine etc is another traditional flooring option. The warm appearance of hardwood floor looks suitable in a modern setting as well as a classical one. Consider installing parquet flooring in your classically designed house. Hardwood flooring can really last for a long time. Hardwood flooring costs a minimum of SGD 60 per square foot. Engineered wood is increasingly becoming popular in modern homes. It is easy to clean and affordable. But engineered wood floor lacks the beauty and durability of natural wood. Engineered wood flooring costs about SGD 20 per square foot.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles – Porcelain and ceramic tiles are impervious to water. This characteristic makes them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. However, those are not the only spaces where you may use porcelain tiles. Gracefully designed porcelain or ceramic tiles can be installed in your living room, bedroom, outdoor living area or deck that you have built close to the swimming pool. Porcelain tiles are especially very durable. You may even install porcelain tiles in your garage. Tiles are cheap. You will get tiles in paying as little as SGD 12 per square foot.

Laminate flooring – Laminate flooring has become popular as an alternative to natural wood. Though it lacks the durability and charm of solid wood, laminate flooring is affordable and easy to maintain. However, laminate flooring gets easily chipped or scratched. So you must be careful and avoid placing any furniture with sharp edges in this space. Laminate flooring costs about SGD 6 per square foot.

Luxury vinyl flooring – Luxury vinyl flooring, another alternative to natural wood, closely matches the look of solid wood. Luxury vinyl flooring is cheaper than solid wood. You may also buy vinyl flooring that matches the appearance of natural stone. There are two type of vinyl flooring options available in the market – vinyl tiles and sheets. Sheets are ideal for high moisture zones like bathroom and kitchen. They prevent the water from reaching the subfloor area. Vinyl flooring can be installed by paying less than SGD 10 per square foot.

Cork flooring – Cork flooring is one of the most unusual flooring choices you will ever encounter, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Cork has a comfortable cushioning effect on your foot. It has great sound absorption capabilities. It is great for designing an acoustically improved home. You can use cork to build the wall panels as well. Cork does not get affected by moisture related problems which comes as a great boon for many homeowners. You may opt for cork flooring by paying less than SGD 8 per square foot.

Bamboo flooring – Bamboo flooring is not exactly a modern invention. It is being used in China for centuries. But the current version of the bamboo flooring is very different to the traditional ones. Like cork floor, bamboo floor is cheap and easy to clean. It has a characteristic look which resembles the charm of natural wood to some extent. However, like laminate floor, bamboo is susceptible to scratch marks. Bamboo floor costs about SGD 6 per square foot.

How to maintain the flooring of my home?

Clean the floor regularly with the right cleaning solution meant for the floor type you have installed in your home. Don’t go for acid based products to clean stone flooring. Don’t use vinegar to clean the marble flooring. Use soft cloth or brushes to dust off the floor before wiping it with a damp mop. Vacuum clean the wood flooring for better results. Reseal your wood flooring periodically. If you have stone floor in your home, polish the surface once in four to five years. Be very careful while cleaning vinyl, laminate or bamboo flooring. Don’t use brushes with tough bristles. They may leave ugly scratch marks on the surface.

How to decorate the flooring?

To decorate the flooring of your home, spread a plush area rug. Avoid wall to wall carpeting on hardwood flooring. It affects the health and beauty of natural wood. You may also install large ceramic vases in the corners of the room. Install potted plants in suitable places of your living room, dining area, bedroom and terrace. However, place the planters on bamboo or wrought iron bases and not directly on the floor. This will also help you to clean the floor. Installing elegant floor lamps would be another way of decorating the floor space.