Front yard: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What steps to follow to design a front yard garden in Singapore?

A beautifully designed front yard immediately increases the charm of the façade of your building. In cities like Singapore, not many people boast of a sprawling lawn on the backyard. But homeowners with a small garden on the front yard, homeowners can still enjoy creating a relaxing space for their dwelling. Designing a charming front yard does not need too much time and effort. You may check front garden ideas from homify and take inspirations from the landscaping ideas that suit your front yard. 

You may also discuss your needs with a landscaping architect and borrow some more front yard landscaping ideas from him or her. Before you proceed to do any of these, don’t forget to take an accurate measurement of the available space. The style of design will depend very much on the availability of space. Use ropes or sticky tapes to distinguish the parking area, porch and garden path. Source materials for the driveways, garden path, water feature and the garden from the local market or order the items online. You will need brick, mortar, tile, wood, bamboo, landscaping stones and river bed fables for this task.

You may build a small fountain, lily pond or koi pond in your front garden as well. While searching for garden ideas, do take a note of all the water features that you find suitable for the front yard of your home. Once you have completed laying the garden path and building the driveway proceed to designing the garden. You may use gravel, mulch, bricks, stones or porcelain tiles to design the garden path. The driveway must be made of bricks, concrete or stones.

Take the help of an experienced plumber to design the system for water supply and drainage. Use hedge plants to define the borders between the walkways and garden. You may also use them as a secondary layer of boundary wall. Set the smaller plants close to the porch and façade. You may build an outdoor deck and living area if you have a reasonably spacious front yard. Space permitting, you may also design a stylish gazebo in the middle of the front yard and enjoy designing an outdoor dining area under its shade.

Buy stylish outdoor lighting fixtures for your garden. Install the path lighting fixtures close to the walkway and driveway. Landscape lighting must be strategically placed under the large trees or close to the bushes. Use focus lighting to highlight the special architectural features of the façade of your building. Right kind of lighting fixtures also help you design a more secure setting for your residence.

What plants can I use in my front yard?

There is a wide variety of plant available for your front yard. Choose plants that are capable of withstanding the climate of Singapore. Check the soil condition for choosing the right type of plants. For very obvious reasons, the soil of Singapore is slightly alkaline. So choose plants like clematis, honeysuckle, iris, poppy, daisy, geranium and hyacinth that thrive in alkaline soil. Being ornamental plants, these options will be highly suitable for any front garden. Their colourful presence will help you design a most charming front yard for your home.

Choose boxwood for the hedges. You may place the potted palm trees like Areca palm, Caryota mitis and Howea near the edge of your porch or on your wooden deck. Azaleas would also look charming in a residential garden of Singapore. Plant Hydrangeas midway from the boundary wall and the façade. They grow taller than some other plants mentioned on this list. Setting them slighting away from the façade will not block the view of the façade. You may also choose a variety of ferns like Asplenium nidus, Matteuccia, Microsorum pteropus and Cyrtomium falcatum for front garden. Place them close to the water feature you have built here. These plants thrive in moist and shaded areas of the garden.

How to have a cohesive look between the front yard garden and parking space?

Try to have a uniformity of design between the front yard and parking space. Choose same materials or materials that look same to build the pathways and the run off area in front of the garage. Don’t erect ant wall between these two spaces. Use hedges and small flowering plants to differentiate them from each other. Choose plenty of potted plants for you’re the run off area in front of the garage or carport. Their presence will automatically bring added cheer in this part of the premises. However, be careful not to block the way. Keep the actual driveway clear of any planters. Install gracefully designed garden gates made of wood, wrought iron or galvanised steel.

What are the different types of walkways for the front yard?

Walkways are one of the most crucial features of your front yard. Stylishly designed walkways help you increase the welcoming feel of your building premises. You may use a variety of materials to build a chic garden path. Some of the most common ones include stone, porcelain tiles, terracotta, mosaic tiles, wood, bamboo, gravel and mulch. Gravel and mulch are organic and sustainable. But a garden path designed with these materials tends to become messy after a heavy downpour. You will avoid this problem by choose tiles and stones. Porcelain tiles are very durable and easy to maintain. Stones too boast of a considerable durability. Both of these materials are available in a variety of colours and textures.

How to make the most of a small front yard of my home in Singapore?

It is not uncommon for the residential structures of Singapore to have a tiny front yard. But you may still design a very stylish front yard even if it happens to be a very small one. Choose the right kind of flowers and plants to decorate this space. Don’t clutter the space with too many garden features. Use simple foldaway furniture to stylise the garden. Install chic lighting fixtures to brighten up the space after sunset. The cost of garden design depends heavily on the style of décor and choice of the materials. It is possible to design a front yard by paying less than SGD 50 per square foot. Don’t forget to synchronise the front yard design your backyard. You may backyard ideas right here on homify to do so.