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Garage doors design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What are some of the different garage door styles?

Garage doors in Singapore showcase a wide variety of designs. You have a number of delightful options available in front of you. Based on their dimensions, garage doors can be differentiated into two categories – single garage doors and double garage doors. For small one car garages you can opt for the single garage doors. But to park more than one of your vehicles, including your family cars, sports cars and garden utility vehicles, you will need a more spacious garage. Double garage doors are installed in two car garages or those parking spaces larger than that. Stylistically, garage doors can be differentiated into a range of categories.

Contemporary style – Contemporary garage door installation is preferred for its trendy appearance. The clean design feels completely in tune with Singapore’s latest architectural feats and the ever expanding skyline. You may opt for contemporary garage doors made of steel and aluminium. You may also ask your garage door company to install contemporary vinyl garage doors. While steel is a more durable and sturdy option, vinyl is available in a variety of fabulous colours and designs. So it is easier to match vinyl doors with the contemporary façade design of your residential building.

Raised panel style – Raised panel types are one of the classic garage door styles that remained in vogue despite the passage of time. Classical raised panel doors are made of natural wood like cedar, maple, hemlock and mahogany. The varied texture and colour of wood helps you design very elegant doors for your single or double garage. However, owners of modern residential dwellings may also opt for raised panel doors made of vinyl, wood grain or a combination of steel and wood. These options are more cost effective than solid wooden doors.

Barn style doors – This is another classy door design for you to consider. The presence of barn style garage doors will give the façade of your home a very elegant makeover. You may opt for barn doors made of solid wood like cedar and hemlock or go for vinyl barn doors with a wooden appearance. These doors are hinged at the side, so they take greater amount of space than some other garage designs. 

Depending on their operations, garage doors can be segregated into the following categories. 

Hinged doors – This used to be one of the most popular garage door types. But its popularity is on the wane. You need a spacious front yard to open these doors and pull out your car from the garage. Hinged doors can be made of vinyl, steel or natural wood. Owners of Singapore homes with a reasonably spacious front yard may still consider opting for this simple and easy to operate design. 

Roll up doors – This is by far the most popular garage door style in Singapore. Roll up doors made of steel is extremely durable and capable of providing the right amount of security. You may install electrically operated roll up doors in your garage. This will help you open or close the door with the help of a remote control device. Since the shutter rolls into a shaft on the top of the garage, this type of door is a space saver’s delight.

Up and over garage door style – This type of doors opens on a pivot at the sides. Retractable garage doors with an up and over style shift inside the garage while opening. They are built with a horizontal track. The canopy style up and over garage doors are built with a vertical track. Unlike the retractable design, they don’t shift inside the garage when opened. These doors can be electrically operated with a remote controlled device or manually operated according to your convenience.

What are some of the materials required to build a garage door in Singapore?   

You may use natural wood, vinyl, plywood, engineered wood, steel or aluminium to build garage doors. Natural wood and steel help you build the best garage door that is at once sturdy and long lasting. Steel roll up doors are very popular in Singapore. Vinyl, plywood and engineered wood doors are easy to maintain and cost effective. While choosing garage doors, select a garage door company that provides you with a range of alternatives. This will help you select the right door material, colour and design suitable for your building. Give precedence to quality. Garage doors are not something that you would like to change frequently. Seek professional help for a flawless garage door installation and maintain the required level of security for your garages. 

What are standard garage door sizes?

Homeowners in Singapore generally prefer to go for the custom designed garage doors. This gives them an opportunity to specify the styles, materials and dimensions according to their needs. However, standard double and single garage doors are also available in the local market. They are generally more cost effective. Doors manufactured by a reputed garage door company also boast of a reasonably good quality. Standard single garage doors are available in three different sizes – 8 X 7 feet, 9 X 7 feet and 10 X 7 feet. Double garage doors can be availed at three different sizes as well – 12 X 7 feet, 14 X 7 feet and 16 X 7 feet. 

How much does a garage door cost in Singapore?

The quality of materials and design greatly impact garage door prices in Singapore and elsewhere in the world. You must also take into account the garage door installation costs. Solid wooden doors for two car garages cost more than SGD 4000. The same door made of aluminium, fibreglass or vinyl cost between SGD 1200 and SGD 2800. Single garage doors made of aluminium would cost you around SGD 750. You may also buy single garage door made of steel. For this you will need to spend a minimum of SGD 1200.   

Tips for garage door installation

It is best to seek professional help while installing garage doors. This way you can ensure a clean and perfect job within your budget. Try to have some expert supervision while installing a garage door by yourself for the first time. Build the tracks following the instructions of your garage door company. Nail down the panels. Fix the rollers with brackets and the hinges. Don’t forget fixing the jam brackets and torque tubes in their places. Install the door frame in its place and fix the shutters in the end.