Garage/ Shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Where can I design a garage in my home?

Most garages in the residences of Singapore are built on the ground floor or basement. You may build a garage by the side of your house. The option of building a garage on the front yard cannot be ruled out either. If your house is in the middle of a sprawling garden and you have a wide enough road on the rear end of your house then you may consider building a large garage alongside the garden shed on your backyard.

Though this is a very expensive option, some homeowners in Singapore have started converting one of the upper floor levels to a garage. You need to install a separate car elevator for the same. So, the use of this is mostly limited to the commercial premises. But this could be a suitable option for you if you live in a house which has little or no space on ground floor or basement to build a garage. Instead of building or renting a garage some distance away from the home, you may have your valuable cars parked on the terrace of your home. However, to introduce such features you will need the assistance of a skilled architect.

What are the different garage designs I may opt for?

Garage designs tend to vary a lot and you have quite a few styles to choose from. For a garage attached to a building, select a design that not only complements but also improves the curb appeal of your house. Before choosing a design, consider the style and colour scheme of the front façade of your house. If you live in a classical home, you may consider building a Victorian and Edwardian garage for your cars. These garages can be as spacious as you want them to be. So if you have two family cars, then build a garage that is at least 20 feet wide and 16 feet long. The height of the garage should not be less than 8 feet.

Victorian and Edwardian garages have classic brick structures and double doors. These types of garages are built with a pitched roofing system. You may opt for gable roofing system with dormer windows for greater impact. For a contemporary home, a flat roofed modern structure will be more suitable. Contemporary flat roof garages can be built with a combination of brick, wood, metal and uPVC. Use of fibreglass doors and roof is increasingly becoming common in the modern garages.

Drive through garages were once very common in the residences of Singapore. Lack of space in the modern homes has discouraged the construction of drive through garages to some extent. If you have sufficient space in one side of the house, you may design a chic drive through garage in this space. These garages are designed with spacious doors on either end of the bay. The door in front allows the car to drive through. These garages tend to be spacious. You may utilise a part of this garage as a garden shed, home office or kid’s corner.

Carports are very useful for homes which have small and, sometimes, awkwardly designed front yards. Carports can be built in the smallest of spaces. It is a more cost effective option than the traditional garages. Just ensure that the space is enough for you to park and drive out with your car conveniently. Carports provide less security than the conventional garages. Since they have no walls, your cars remain exposed to the elements of nature to some extent.

You may also consider building an accessory dwelling unit on the first floor of your garage and utilise the extra space in the best possible way. Before you opt for such a permanent construction, take time out to have your plan approved from the local building authorities. Once you get the necessary permissions, take the help of a local home builder and build the garage cum accessory dwelling unit according to your needs and preferred style. To design a garage in Singapore, expect to pay between SGD 80 and SGD 120 per square foot. The cost of materials, size of the garage and facilities available in the space will determine the actual price of construction. A prefabricated garage costs between SGD 4500 and SGD 7500.

Which garage door designs are available for me?

Roll up shutters are most common is Singapore. They provide adequate security, are easy to operate and don’t take up extra space. High quality roll up shutters cost between SGD 1200 and SGD 1600. Retractable garage doors are another worthy option for you to consider. Like the roll up shutters, they don’t take up extra space. They can be operated with the help of a remote control or manually. The cost of retractable garage is about SGD 2000.

Hinged doors are another very common type of garage door. You may install wooden hinged door in your barn style garage and garden shed. Panelled garage door is another type which is hinged at the sides. They boast of an enduring beauty. You may consider installing panelled doors made of wood, uPVC or vinyl in your garage. Sectional garage doors are built using metal, wood or a combination of the two. They have a classy effect and are very suitable for the façades of the contemporary houses. The price of sectional garage doors varies widely. It would be possible for you to buy sectional doors by paying between SGD 800 and SGD 1400.