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Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  2. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  3. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  4. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?

What makes the perfect garden?

The perfect garden is created through a carefully balanced combination of natural beauty, garden decor (such as gardenfurniture) and design. Homify offers plenty of great garden ideas for creating the dream outdoor space.

Where can I find ideas for garden design?

Here at homify, you will find lots of inspiration for different types of furniture to buy for your garden,garden design ideas such as landscaping and the use of water features, and information on the types of plants, shrubs, and other natural features best suit different types of outdoor environment.

What exactly can I do to my garden?

Householders can get as creative as they like with their gardens. Garden decking ideas can provide the perfect platform for extending the living space of the home out into the peace and sunshine of the garden. A garden office is just one creative way that this can be done, and this garden design idea is great for freelancers or for anyone who wants to work from home. Studies show that having a great view and a comfortable environment can really increase your productivity, so what's not to love about the gardenoffice idea? Homify provides lots of inspiration for doing both this and plenty more.

How do I create a functional garden space?

As well as the office idea suggested above, there are lots of ways to adapt green spaces to make them functional. Garden storage options, such as garden sheds, are ideal for turning the garden into a practical space. A shed can be a home from home, too, as well as a storage space. Try adding a fish tank, a TV and a sofa for a cosy shed.

What about garden fence ideas?

A garden fence is not just a boundary (though this is one of its important functions of course), it can also provide shade, a partition for dividing off parts of a large garden, and an attractive background for climbing ivy or colourful roses. Browse homify to find ideas for making the most of fencing.

How do I effectively plan a garden?

Effective garden planning is all about knowing what is wanted from a particular outdoor space and putting that plan into action. Different designs will be needed for a garden office for instance compared to agarden that is mainly for relaxing in (though the same garden can be both, of course). Luckily, the team at homify have plentiful ideas for garden design that will suit all tastes and purposes.

What are some ways I can spruce up my garden decor?

There are numerous small things that can really transform a garden, such as adding in a new lot of fencing or updating the existing flower garden design. But it is also possible to think really big with homify, for instance by making use of homify's small garden ideas to turn a seemingly tiny outdoor space into a spacious garden office.

What about a patio, terrace and garden decking ideas?

There are lots of tips for creating a wonderful patio, terrace, or decking area at homify. These ideas are perfect for ensuring that the garden is a great place for entertaining in, as a firm surface is a must for ensuring that guests are comfortable. A patio is also a wonderful space to display pot plants, or to create an outdoor office, and again homify has plenty of practical ideas to help make these dreams reality.

What garden furniture can I use?

Whether you want to go for something sturdy and weatherproof or a comfy cushioned lounger for sunny weather, there are so many different types of outdoor furniture available at homify. Opt for a matching set of tables and chairs for outdoor meals or find some functional office furniture for an outdoor office, or combined office and shed.

How do I know which plants are right for my garden?

Taking into consideration the climate, how much sun your garden gets and what type of soil you have there will help you to select the perfect plants. Some plants thrive best in a rock garden, whilst others (such as citrus plants) will reward careful watering. The installation of a greenhouse or conservatory area will open out the potential for ever more exotic plants to be grown. Grow herbs, fruits and vegetables for the table, or opt for pretty flowers and shrubs—or both. Again, the team at homify have a wealth of expertise in this area of garden design, and will help to combine the right plants with the right garden furniture, decking, and patio options and of course the right overall design as well. 

What are some other ideas that I can draw garden inspiration from?

One great way of designing a garden is to work around a theme, such as Zen or the Mediterranean. Picking a theme that suits your personality can be the springboard for a wealth of creative ideas about which plants to choose, which style of garden furniture to opt for, and more.

How can I put together some of the most popular garden designs?

How to: Nature gardens

If you have kids, nature gardens are a great way to teach them about different types of wildlife. Leaving wild areas in a garden is a great way to encourage wildlife to visit, and here wild flowers can be grown for a stunning look that does not require intensive effort. Having compost areas or vegetable patches are a great way to get involved with nature in the garden, and to encourage a hands on approach.

How to: Modern gardens

Believe it or not, there are plenty of cool technological features (such as water fountains) that can be made use of in the modern garden. Garden decor ideas certainly do not lag behind the world of interior decorating, so there are plenty of modern and chic options for converting a clean white patio into a stylish entertaining area. Though it may not have the rough and ready rustic feel of a country garden, the moderngarden can be as comfy and as homely as can be with the addition of brightly coloured garden furniture, and cosy offices with soft chairs and all the latest technology for working from home.

How to: Mediterranean style gardens

A Mediterranean style garden is ideal for anyone who wants to laze around and enjoy the sun. Try planting orchards of fruit trees or olive trees and making the most of opportunities to eat some Mediterranean style cuisine by installing a BBQ or grill outdoors and placing some elegant and traditional garden furniture in the sunniest spots. Choose vases with classical Greek designs and opt for pots in terracotta and furniture in warm earthy tones to really capture that sun splashed Mediterranean look. Homify's gardendecor collection will have lots of items that appeal to owners of a Mediterranean style garden.

How to: Japanese gardens

If you like order and elegance, a Japanese style garden is a wonderful idea. Cool bamboo shoot make a wonderful natural screen, and small gardens can benefit from the ancient art of topiary as well. When it comes to garden decor ideas, owners of Japanese gardens can also go all out with elegant pagodas and furniture to create a chic place to sit out with friends in fine weather. Cherry blossom is also a great idea for giving a garden a Japanese feel, as this is the Japanese nation's most iconic tree. A cherry tree will suffuse the garden with beautiful scents in spring, will encourage bees and birds to visit, and will provide not only fruit but a lovely shady place to sit in the summer.

How to: Zen gardens

A Zen garden is ideal for any outdoor space that needs to be an oasis of tranquility, no matter what its size. Organising your garden according to Zen principles means that the design will be such that it brings the maximum of peace and order to your life. The garden thus becomes a place where people can come to recharge their batteries and gain perspective on life, and a place of philosophical reflection. A level patch of grass and a shady tree are a good idea here, too, as they provide a space for meditation surrounded by nature.

How to: Rock gardens

A fun, low maintenance style of garden, the rock garden is perfect for gardens of all sizes. A small gardencan be completely turned into a rock garden, perhaps with a path running through it and some furniture to the side. Larger gardens, on the other hand, can incorporate rock gardens as part of their overall design. Experiment with rare or colourful rocks and pair them with ferns, succulents and other plants that thrive in a rocky environment. It is possible to create a completely dry and waterless rock garden that nevertheless flourishes if you choose desert plants like cacti that are designed to look lush and green even in arid conditions. This is a great idea for busy people who want a great garden but do not have a long time to spend maintaining it. That said, however, flowing water is always a wonderful addition to a rockgarden, whether that is achieved by means of a central fountain or by means of a trickling stream or even a fish pond filled with outdoor fish.