Garden shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What is a garden shed?

A simple and small storage room generally built in the backyard of a residential premise is known as a garden shed. It is used to store away a few household articles and the garden tools. Aside from using it as a storage room, garden sheds are sometimes utilised as a home office, children’s play area or conservatory. You may also use this space as a greenhouse and grow exotic plants, orchids and cacti in it.

The presence of a garden shed often helps you to optimise the available space inside the house. This comes as a blessing in disguise in places like Singapore, where land prices are extremely high. You may also consider building an accessory dwelling unit, popularly known as a granny flat, on the first floor of the shed. This way you will further expand the availability of space in your home.

Where to build a garden shed?

Garden sheds are almost always built on the backyard. You may consider building a shed on the front yard if you plan to build a garage alongside it. To avoid any kind of design related anomaly, discuss your plans with an experienced architect. Choose an empty space in your garden and build a shed on it. Try not to place it under the heavy branches of a tree. Constant shade will do more harm than good to your exotic plants if you plan to have any in the shed. Besides, heavy branches may come down on it and damage its structure in the stormy days. Try to place it closer to the house, if you plan to build a conservatory or entertainment zone in the shed. Entertaining the guests will be easier this way. You will not have to waste time in fetching drinks and food items from the main building or carrying the utensils back in the kitchen after a party.

What cladding materials can I use for my garden shed?

Garden sheds make extensive use of natural wood. You may clad garden sheds with teak, cedar, oak or birch. Using bamboo is another option you may consider exploring. It is a sustainable and easily available material in Singapore. Besides, bamboo cladding is a very cost effective option. Metal cladding is common for garden sheds primarily built as a store room. Metal cladding provides more security to the interior. Besides, metals like aluminium and steel sheets are durable and easily available in the local market. Metal cladding would match the façade of a contemporary home inspired by industrial design.

Cork is gaining in popularity and Singapore is no exception in this regard. The supple nature of cork makes it an ideal choice for the interior of a shed too, especially if you wish to use it as an accessory dwelling unit. Cork is affordable and it acts as a potent sound barrier. Its texture helps you to design a shed of an exceptional charm. PVC sheets are not prone to any kind of pest attacks. They are water resistant, so mould and mildew cannot grow on its surface. They are available in an extensive range of stylish shades. Polyethylene sheets are used as an alternative to PVC. They are very cheap, but they don’t have the durability of PVC.

While wood cladding would cost you at least SGD 20 per square foot, metal sheets cost between SGD 15 and SGD 25 per square foot. Cork cladding costs less than SGD 10 per square foot. PVC costs about SGD 5 and polyethylene less than SGD 1 per square foot. You can use a combination of acrylic and PVC to build your shed. Acrylic sheets are used on the roofing and are very useful for the purpose. Clear acrylic sheets are available in less than SGD 30 per square foot.

What are some of the best roofing solutions for garden sheds in Singapore?

For garden sheds in Singapore, you may go for a stylish gable roofing system. If you plan to utilise the first floor level, then you may even opt for gable roof with dormer windows. For a shed attached to the main building, going for lean-to roofing might be a good option. Don’t discard the option of a flat roof, especially if you are building a guest apartment on the first floor. You can use a variety of material to build the roofing. Wood, clear acrylic, metal and terracotta tiles are some of the popular options for the local owners. Terracotta roof tiles cost between SGD 0.5 and SGD 4. You may choose from a variety of trendy styles and shapes.

What are some of the pros and cons of a prefabricated garden shed in Singapore?

Prefabricated structures are easy to install and affordable. They are widely available in various parts of the world, including in Singapore. However, prefabricated structures cannot be customised according to your preferences. Though they are available in a wide variety of styles, you may still not get one which is suitable to the façade design of your home. Prefabricated garden sheds made of solid wood would cost you more than SGD 4000. A modular PVC structure, on the hand, is available in less than SGD 500. Metal sheds, manufactured under the factory condition, cost about the same as the natural wooden sheds.

What type of windows and doors should I choose for my garden shed?

You may install stylish glass panelled wooden doors and windows in your garden shed. It will complement the chic design of the façade of your house too. However, use of aluminium frame is most common for this purpose. Aluminium is more affordable than natural wood. It is lightweight and not prone to termite attacks. You may also install prefabricated PVC doors and windows in your shed.

How to maintain the security and privacy of my garden shed?

If you are using this space for any other reason than storing everyday garden tools, then chances are you would need greater amount of security in this space. Install a burglar alarm in your shed. Keep the area properly illuminated after sunset. You may install LED flood lighting fixtures for this purpose. If you plan to use this space as an accessory dwelling unit, then consider installing a full-fledged home security system with security cameras in this space.