Girls Bedroom: design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How can I design a girl’s bedroom?

So you want to redecorate your kid’s room and are searching refreshing girls room ideas. On homify, you will find a large selection of girls bedroom images. You may search through the entire collection and make a note every feature that you long to have in your child’s room. Before starting to work on the project though, take a note of the following though:

- Try to design a safe living environment for your kid. Install child safe locks on the windows and doors. Make sure no stray cords or strings hang about the room.

- Design a space that is bright and uncluttered. Optimise the amount of available sunshine. 

- Don’t place too many furniture and décor objects in this room. Let your child have room enough to run around and play when she chooses. Remove all the articles of the old baby room that are no longer in use.

- Don’t place heavy objects on the top shelf or on top of the wardrobe. They may fall and accidentally hurt your child.

- Buy kid friendly décor objects, bed furnishings and rugs. You may buy cotton bed furnishings which are suitable for the tender skin of your little one.

- Let the room have proper illumination. It will make the space look brighter and healthier for your child.   

- Invest in a cosy rug. It will protect the little one from accidental injuries. 

Modern décor is mostly preferred for a girl’s bedroom. It is comfortable and stylish enough for a contemporary home. Modern décor objects are easily available in the local stores as well as the shops online. So you will have less difficulty in sourcing the materials for design. You may also opt for minimalist design. While searching for girls bedroom ideas, you may take a special note of the minimalist Scandinavian style kid’s rooms.

What are some of the girls bedroom ideas for small spaces?

Many people struggle to come up with enough girls bedroom ideas for small rooms. This task needn’t be so difficult. The following tips and tricks will help you to design a stylish room even if availability of space is on the shorter side. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to engage in a discussion with an interior designer of repute.

- While planning for the girls room décor, insist on having only the most essential items like a bed, study table and chairs. Don’t clutter the space with unnecessary objects of décor.

- Choose a colour scheme that brightens up the ambience. Colour palettes dominated by white, yellow and orange would fall into this category. Except as an accent tone, avoid using very dark colours. 

- Buy multifunctional furniture like a storage bed, built in wardrobe and table mounted on the wall. They will take away some of your storage related concerns.

- Install floating shelves and free up some floor space.

- Don’t put any furniture or décor objects in front of the windows. It will hinder the entry of sunlight in the room.

- Have optimum lighting in the room. Properly illuminated rooms look bigger and more cheerful.

- Put up a large mirror on the wall or buy a wardrobe with mirrored doors. The presence of mirrors tends to make a room look more spacious.

What are the best colour schemes for a girl’s bedroom?

There is a tendency to choose a soft pink tone while decorating a room for girls. While there is nothing wrong with the choice itself, you may easily select an offbeat colour palette and let the décor look exceptional. Colour schemes that include lavender, pistachio green and turquoise help create a calm interior atmosphere. Fiery red, orange and sunny yellow excite mind and should always be used with a neutral tone. 

You may also choose colours based on a particular theme. For instance, if you are decorating a room based on the season of spring in mind you may use wallpaper with subtle motifs to decorate the walls. Bold flower motifs can be used on the feature wall. Try to vary the textures and introduce an element of surprise. For example, use matte paint on the feature wall and complete it with satin finishes on the other walls. The colour and texture of wood flooring also inject a feeling of warmth and geniality in the ambience. 

What are the furniture and bed styles for a girl’s bedroom?

To decorate a girl’s bedroom you will need the following articles of furniture:

- A cosy and comfortable bed.

- Study table

- Wardrobe

- Nightstand

- Chairs

- Shelving system to store books and playthings.

You may choose a Trundle bed or storage divan for this space. When availability of space is not a problem, you may go for a modern canopy bed. Upholstered platform beds are simple but comfortable and are also suitable for a kid’s bedroom. Gir’s storage bed or platform bed can be bought in less than SGD 500 in Singapore. 

How to decorate a girl’s bedroom?

Choose matching lighting fixtures for this room. Invest in kid safe LED lighting. But a chic bedside lamp or install a wall scone close by the headboard. Buy a fashionable reading lamp and place it on the study table. You may use recessed ceiling lights to brighten up the room. Don’t forget to buy a night lamp. A kid’s room should never remain completely dark.

Decorate the walls with posters or framed photographs of your child’s favourite sporting icon, musician, artist or litterateur. You may also decorate the walls with the images of cartoon characters or characters from the famous fairy tales. Buy curtains, rugs and bed linens that complete the overall colour scheme of the room.