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Glass-doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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Why should I choose a glass door?

Glass doors are very common in the contemporary buildings of Singapore. They look classy and help you decorate a bright and cheerful space. Since glass doors don’t create any visual obstructions, their presence gives an illusion of space. Smaller rooms look more expansive in the presence of glass doors. They help you maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere and provide better insulation to your home. They also assist in designing a more tranquil living space by enhancing the acoustics of the interiors. Glass doors can be installed in different parts of the building. You may install glass interior doors as well as the exterior ones.

Glass doors are available in a range of trendy designs. You may install casement doors with glass panels. These doors use a combination of glass panels and aluminium, vinyl, uPVC, steel or wood frames. Casement doors can be installed in traditionally designed houses as well as the contemporary structures. They are easy to maintain, stylish and secure. You may enhance the security of the casement doors by using a variety of burglar proof locking systems.

Choose French doors for those rooms that open towards the garden or terrace. This will help you enjoy the refreshing views of your garden from inside the house. You may also consider installing sliding patio doors in this space. They help you build a more spacious looking interior. Sliding glass doors are very common in the modern homes. They boast of a fashionable look. Sliding doors are a space saver’s delight and very good in providing a noise free interior environment.

Frameless glass doors can be installed as patio doors. You may also install frameless interior doors in your home office, living room or dining area. Consider choosing grooved glass doors for a chic interior. To select the right door type, you may discuss your requirements with an interior stylist.

What are the best handle designs for glass doors?

Don’t forget to choose sleek door handles for your stylish glass doors. You have plenty of options to choose from. You may choose from door knobs, inset handles, cup pull handles, drop pendants or bar handles. Door handles are available in a variety of materials of as well. You may select from glass, wood, plastic, aluminium or steel handles. Glass and metallic handles look gorgeous in a modern home. Wooden handles are suited to classical and country style homes. Handles with bronze or copper finishes can be chosen for your home as well.

Except for stylish handles, you will need a few more types of glass door hardware. For frameless doors in the shower room, opt for shower seals. They will prevent the spilling of water in the rest of the bathroom. Install quality hinges made of rust proof alloy metal. Locking systems help keep the interiors secured. You will need specialised locking systems for the sliding glass doors. Choose matching finishes for all parts of the door hardware.

How to clean and maintain a glass door?

While cleaning the glass use soft cloth or sponge. Gently remove the loose dust particles from the surface. Don’t use brushes with tough bristles as they may damage the surface of the glass. Use a solution of sodium bi carbonate and water or dishwasher and water to clean the glass at least once in every month. You may also buy specialised chemicals available in the market to clean the glasses.

Paint or varnish the wooden and metallic frames. This must be done once in every four years or so to extend the life of these materials. Vinyl and uPVC don’t need painting. But check out for hairline cracks in their surfaces. Change them as soon as you see signs of any damage. Take care of the seals. Apply fresh silicone sealant periodically to prevent the escape of heat from the interiors.

How to choose the right type of glass for my doors?

Choose glasses depending upon the site of the installation, your requirements and budget. If you are installing glass doors in bathrooms, closets, bedrooms and terraces you may buy tinted, laminated or obscure glass for greater privacy. Tinted glasses would also be useful for windows facing the western direction. They protect the interior from harsh sunlight. Screening glasses must be chosen for large exterior doors and windows. Screening glasses prevent the entry of insects and dust particles inside the house.

Buy laminated glass with an interlayer capable of absorbing sound for your bedroom, home office and study. They will help reduce noise pollution in the interiors. Toned laminated glasses can effectively screen UV rays. Laminated glasses with interlayers also provide your home with greater amount of security than conventional glasses. Double glazing offers greater insulation than some other glass types.

How much does a glass door cost?

The actual cost of glass doors depends on the size of the doors, type of materials used to build the doors and the door design. You may buy frameless internal glass doors in about SGD 750. Translucent glass doors cost about SGD 150 greater than the doors built with clear glasses. The cost of sliding glass doors often exceeds SGD 1000. Doors with grooved glasses, a favourite among the contemporary homeowners, cost more than SGD 1600. While choosing the design of your doors, seek the opinion of an experienced interior architect.