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Gym design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. FRANKEL STREET:  Gym by Eightytwo Pte Ltd,Modern
  2.  Gym by Inception Design Cell, Rustic Wood Wood effect
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  4.  Gym by Aeternite, Asian
  5.  Gym by Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris, Modern
  6.  Gym by architetto stefano ghiretti, Modern
  7.  Gym by 存果空間設計有限公司, Industrial
  8. Need help with your home project?
  9.  Gym by Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design , Modern
  10.  Gym by 存果空間設計有限公司, Minimalist
  11.  Gym by Eustáquio Leite Arquitetura, Classic
  12.  Gym by schroetter-lenzi Architekten, Modern
  13.  Gym by Rapzzodia Interiorismo, Modern Wood Wood effect
  14.  Gym by PT. Leeyaqat Karya Pratama, Tropical
  15.  Gym by Inception Design Cell, Rustic Wood Wood effect
  16.  Gym by Feldman Architecture, Modern Wood Wood effect
  17.  Gym by Poggi Schmit Arquitectura, Modern
  18.  Gym by Opra Nova - Arquitectos - Buenos Aires - Zona Oeste, Modern
  19.  Gym by Dündar Design - Mimari Görselleştirme, Modern
  20.  Gym by SA Architecture, Modern
  21.  Gym by Enrich Artlife & Interior Design Sdn Bhd, Modern
  22.  Gym by Joana Rezende Arquitetura e Arte, Modern
  23.  Gym by studiodonizelli, Modern
  24.  Gym by APT Renovation Ltd, Modern
  25.  Gym by Modern garden rooms ltd, Modern
  26.  Gym by paul seuntjens architectuur en interieur, Modern
  27.  Gym by 森畊空間設計, Minimalist Wood-Plastic Composite
  28.  Gym by Design studio of Stanislav Orekhov. ARCHITECTURE / INTERIOR DESIGN / VISUALIZATION., Classic
  29.  Gym by TABARQ, Mediterranean
  30.  Gym by Rolf Rocha, Modern
  31.  Gym by FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder), Modern
  32.  Gym by monica giovannelli architetto, Industrial
  33.  Gym by POSAMO十邑設計, Eclectic

Where can I build a gym in my home?

Don’t like going for jogging every morning? Wish to join your neighbourhood gym, but it remains crowded all day long? Don’t worry. Now you can build a fully functional gym in your home and enjoy taking your daily exercises in privacy. What’s more your family members can join you in this as well. Kids would absolutely love this idea. For building a gym at home you don’t need too much of space. You may easily build a home gym in a small single family dwelling.

Consider taking advantage of the basement area that you have neglected for so long. Convert a part of your garden shed into a stylish home gym. Transform the attic into a gym, build it under the staircase or choose an empty corner of the ground floor to convert it into a full-fledged gym. It is best to build gyms close to your terrace garden or the backyard. The proximity to nature has a positive impact on mind. It would also be possible for you to build an airy and light filled space in these areas of your building.

Gyms, especially the modern exercising machines used in the gym, could be noisy. Building it on the ground floor or in the basement will prevent the noise from travelling to other parts of the house to some extent. When this is not possible, particularly in case of modern apartment homes in Singapore, then you may build the gym on the upper floor levels as well. But do take advice of an interior designer and install sound dampeners to maintain the peaceful nature of the interiors.

How to design a home gym in Singapore?

Once you determine the right location of your home gym, take a measuring tape and calculate its dimensions. The space needed for building a comfortable gym will largely depend on your exercise routines and the equipments you need to have in this space. A few of the common gym equipments for home include a treadmill, rowing machine and cross trainer. You will also need dumbbells, exercising balls, skipping ropes, suspension trainers etc, but these tools do not take as much space as treadmills, bench and cross trainers. So you may easily tuck them into the storage cabinet that you have in your gym area.

Plan the placement of these gym equipments. Make some basic sketches about how you would like your gym to look. You may take the opinion of an interior stylist for designing your gym. When building from a scratch, you may install drywall or build conventional brick walls. Brick walls are sturdier and have better sound absorption capabilities than drywall. You may also consider building faux partitions if your gym occupies a part of the basement, garden shed or garage.

Having proper ventilation is extremely important for this space. Install large windows which you may throw open at will. You may also install skylights in this space. If your gym is in the basement, you will have to install skylight to keep it well ventilated. Opt for electrical vents, air conditioner and exhaust fans to keep the interiors comfortable throughout the day. This will prevent the building up of stale air and foul odour in the gym. Have extra spacious doorways. Doors should ideally be more than 3 feet wide. This will help to easily bring the gym equipments inside the room.    

Plan the electrical wiring system well and have extra receptacles installed on the walls. Most of your gym equipments will need a supply of electricity for the operation. A professional electrician may help you to prepare the wiring and install the electrical features in your gym. You will need a budget of SGD 10,000 or more to build a fully equipped gym from scratch.

Which flooring material should I choose for my home gym?

The flooring in this space must be soft and comfortable to the feet, capable of absorbing sound and slip proof. Carpet tiles are hugely popular among many owners of home gyms. They are available in an extensive range of colours and designs. But you must take extra care to clean them. Otherwise, they may attract suspended dust particles and make your gym dusty and unhygienic. Rubber flooring is another suitable option for you. It is easier to clean and maintain than the carpet tiles. They are less expensive as well. Rubber flooring has better insulation capabilities. It is resistant to moisture related problems. Rubber flooring costs less than SGD 7 per square foot. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, cost between SGD 8 and SGD 12 per square foot.

How can I decorate my home gym?

It is always advisable not to clutter this space with too many objects of furniture and décor. This also increases the chances of getting hurt. Paint the walls and ceiling of your home gym in a calm and relaxing colour. You may choose white or other pastel shades. Since it is a place of activity, you may choose a bright shade for the feature wall and give the space a dramatic makeover. Don’t forget to install a large frameless mirror close to the yoga space. This will help you practice many of your freehand exercising routines and yoga poses. Spread a small area rug or yoga mat on the floor. Don’t forget to make sufficient storage arrangement. You may install built in storage system to keep the space uncluttered.