House Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

What type of house is right for me? 

Choosing a house is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventures we’ll embark on in our lifetime, but there are lots of practical points to bear in mind. How many people will be living in the home? Is it a single-family home or a multi-family home, a house for one or a first home for a couple? Where will the house be in terms of location? For example is it a country house or a city house, a chic townhouse, a beach house or a manor house? Is this house going to be the main family residence or a summer house? Personal taste is also a factor, and how the house looks will affect how its residents feel about it. Most people will live in the house they select for a very long time, so it’s important to look closely at the options available.

Single-family house
Those who want a single-family house might prefer a smaller home such as a town house or a beach house. Once you decide how many rooms are required and what each will be used for the possibilities are endless! 

Multi-family home 

Choosing a house that will be shared by more than one family can be tricky, and a lot will depend on the location. Ranch-style houses or manor houses are ideal, and space can be allocated according to individual needs. Victorian houses are also an excellent choice as they tend to have several floors, including basements and attics, which are ideal for granny flats or children’s bedrooms. 

Concrete house 

A concrete house is durable and long lasting, and allows owners to design a home that illustrates their individual style. Concrete is also perfect for those who want modern homes with bold lines and angles, and it withstands time and the elements very well. 

Wooden house 

Wood is warm and inviting, and perfect for classic styles such as cabins or bungalows. A wooden house works equally well in rustic settings where it complements the landscape beautifully, or in cities where it looks eye catching and modern. 

Container house 

One of the most exciting architectural developments of the past few decades is the container house. Built from former shipping containers, these fantastic houses can be moved from place to place - which is ideal for those who may change their location in future. These unique houses can be adapted to suit any taste, and there are some outstanding container house designs at homify. 

Mobile home 

Like the container house, a mobile home is highly adaptable and can be built into a permanent site or moved to a new location. Owners can also design their mobile home to suite their personal preferences using a variety of colours or finishes, or by selecting unique windows or doors.

How do I design my dream house? 

First up, do your research and get all the visual inspiration you need from friends, family, magazines and the web. Next up, while it might be tempting to take on everything yourself, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to build your new home without at least some help from a professional. Modern materials and processes make it easier than ever to design the house you want, but it should be comfortable and safe, first and foremost. Take a look at how it fits into its surroundings and how different weather or seasons may affect its design features. Think about how elements like roofs, doors and windows can enhance the overall design. What needs to be considered when planning a house? The basic layout is one of the most important considerations when planning a house, and of course planning permission is required. For example in some areas buildings may need to conform to certain size or height specifications, and homify offers advice on planning and basic design.

Should I rent, buy or build a house? 

Deciding whether to rent, buy or build a house will depend on several factors. If you are likely to move frequently then renting may be the best solution. Those who want a permanent home will be more likely to consider buying, particularly if they want to move in right away. However, if time and budget allow, building can be immensely satisfying and allows you to design the house of your dreams.

How much does it cost to buy a house?

Prices vary greatly depending on the size, age, type and location of the house. For example a 20-year-old one-bedroom house in a rural location will cost much less than a newly-built luxury house for six in the city. In some cases, building can be cheaper than buying, but it tends to be the more expensive option. However, it allows for the greatest scope and creative freedom.

How much does it cost to rent a house?

The cost of renting a house depends on its size, condition and location. A rented house will always belong to someone else, but clever furnishing and decor allows tenants to make it their home.

How much does it cost to maintain a house?

Maintenance costs also depend on the type of house and its location. A large manor house in the country will need more maintenance than a city apartment or a mobile home. However, all homes need annual cleaning, weatherproofing and insulation checks, and structural surveys should also be carried out regularly.  As well as exterior maintenance, interiors should be redecorated or updated from time to time, and there are some terrific ideas on homify.

How do I find the right house?

Consider what you want from your house. You may prefer a particular style, or maybe you want plenty of room for guests or extra space for hobbies like painting, swimming or keep fit. Some people want a home that is child or pet friendly, while others adore eco-house designs that have minimal impact on the environment. Take a look around for tips and inspiration, and list all of your important points before approaching letting agents, architects or designers.

How do I find the right architect for my building project?

First things first, choose an architect or designer who has already built houses in the style you like. There’s a huge range of reputable architects out there, and you can browse examples of their work online. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to get a free consultation from a professional - they’ll be able to help you get started.