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Homes that are built on the outskirts of a city or in a rural area are known as country houses. These modest homes were created so that they could meet the needs of a typical working-class family residing outside the city. However, over the years such country houses have turned into a holiday home for most. They are used to get away from the busy life of the city and relax for a few days.

What are the characteristics of country houses in Singapore?

Country houses in Singapore are gaining popularity day by day. It is mainly because a large number of local people and NRIs like to invest in similar properties. The treat these places as a holiday home where they can spend time with their family or friends and enjoy the natural landscape. Another characteristic of country houses in Singapore is that they are only a few hours away from the major cities.

Villages like Katong are ideal for creating country style homes which can be used during summer. As country homes are used for short durations they are constructed with only the necessary materials. Some of the distinct features that you can find in a country home can include a large garden, porch, and a terrace.

How are Singaporean country houses inspired by ones from around the world?

Country style homes can be characterized based on various elements and features. For example, a typical country house in England will have a well-kept garden. Whereas, the one in Germany would house a basement, fireplace, and even a gabled roof. On the other hand, Scandinavian country house designs are thought to be incomplete without a fully functional sauna room. Here is a list that has some of the best-known country house styles from around the world.


These houses are quite straightforward and are usually built with materials like clay, wood, or stone. Apart from this, the design is also created keeping the surrounding landscape in mind. They showcase only the bare essentials.

These houses can be built with any material including glass, stone, and even wood. Here asymmetrical ceilings or lattices can be found commonly. Besides they can also be found under the category of prefabricated houses.


Minimalistic style country houses are usually built using concrete. They are based on an open floor plan and do not have various partitions. Similar country houses can also include a beautiful pool, fruit trees, and a barbecue area


Victorian country houses are inspired by old residential buildings of Great Britain. A well-decorated porch with columns and a beautiful gabled roof are the features that define these homes.

English country houses 

In olden days English country houses were designed using bricks. But as the times have changed they have become more compact and modest. They are now built with various materials including wood. This allows the house to face climatic changes. A magnificent garden is the primary feature of similar country houses. 


Chateaus can be with or without fortifications. They are usually found in countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland. Apart from this, you can also find an orchard or an animal farm near these homes.

What materials are suitable for building a country house?


A material that can be used throughout the house is wood. It can be incorporated in the facade, walls, floor, and ceiling of the building quickly. Besides every type of wood can be used while designing a country house.


The ideal material used for coating different surfaces or structural support in a country house is stone. Whether it is polished or unpolished, it is usually the most loved construction material due to its natural look.


Another favorite material which can be used for constructing country houses is brick. It provides proper insulation in both hot as well as cold climates.


Concrete can blend with any material to create visual harmony which is why it is the most practical element. Another advantage of concrete is that it is readily available.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of a country home?

Country houses provide a better quality of life which is the most significant advantage. Besides it also allows you to be in touch with nature and enjoy fresh air away from the busy lifestyle of the city. By investing in a country house, you can also achieve extra space which can be used for creating a large garden, orchard, or even an animal farm. These days country homes are yet turned into homestays for tourists which can serve as an additional source of income.

The most prominent disadvantage that a country home has is not being able to utilize public services. These can include anything from water connection, sewage, electricity, a weak telephone network, and even low-speed internet connectivity. On the other hand, the condition of roads can also be poor in rural areas. Moreover, the emergency services provided by the government can also take a toll for the residents of country houses as ambulance and firefighters can take hours to reach.

How much does it cost to build a country house in Singapore?

Depending on the location, style, and size of the country house its cost can vary. If you are constructing a similar home on the outskirts of a major city, then it can be less expensive than building it in a completely secluded area. In full rural areas, the cost can be as low as 100,000 SGD. Whereas, in areas near major cities it can go all the way up to 500,000 SGD. Apart from this the cost can also be affected if the house showcases modern amenities and features like a modular kitchen. The other thing that you should always remember is that the construction cost for hilly areas is way more expensive than the ones in a plain landscape.

How can homify help you to build your dream country house? 

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