What is a modern house?

With homify, a modern house can be your dream home: a functional, comfortable, welcoming space where you can be yourself amid chic and contemporary furnishings. There is not just one single way to interpret the ’modern house’ theme, though: it can be whatever you want it to be. homify provides a whole host of ideas for creating a modern house, so whether you prefer rustic modern living, or a modern design in the Scandinavian style, the team at homify will be happy to help.

Modern house ideas and inspiration:

Take your inspiration from the holistic modern house design ideas at homify, or just opt for a few modern accessories or some contemporary colours to update your home. Arrange bric a brac and modern technology into a smooth and contemporary whole with homify’s suggestion for eclectic modern design, for example. Or, check out homify’s ideas for using colour to give your sense a classic modern feel, instantly transforming a cramped, cluttered, outdated dwelling into a haven of twenty first century serenity.

How do I design a modern house?

Designing a modern house is easy if you pay attention to colour, form and function. Choose a colour scheme that will bring your home right up to date, and even propel it into the future. Then, decide what forms and shapes you want to use: modern houses typically feature furniture and accessories (such as lamps) in simple, elegantly minimalist shapes. With homify as your guide, you can organise your modern house around a formal theme, such as rusticism or the industrial aesthetic. Finally, think about how you want to use each space in your house: which rooms will be used for entertaining, which are to be private places of zen like quiet and meditation, and which are to be used for multiple purposes. This will help you to select the best colours, furniture, and other products for each room. homify will be able to help you to attend to all of these requirements of colour, form and function.

What should I consider when planning a modern house?

Aside from the suggestions mentioned above, one thing to consider when planning a modern house is whether you want to adopt exactly the same style and colour scheme across the entire living space: the same paint on the walls, similar curtains, and so on. Doing so helps you to create a home that feels unified and harmonious. However, it is not essential to have the same type of design and colour scheme throughout the entire home. In fact, homify has so many different ideas about how to interpret the theme of the modern house that you can give each room a distinctive feel if you prefer.

What should I consider when I build a modern house?

As well as thinking about the overall colour scheme and other design aspects, and considering the use to which each room will be put, budget is another thing to think about when designing a modern house. Fortunately, homify has modern interior design ideas to suit all budgets.How do I find a modern house with a pool?Many modern houses come with a ready made pool. Searching local property sites here, is always a good idea, as very often they come with filters which enable you to find modern houses that specifically come with pools. Rooftop pools, indoor pools, and open air pools in the yard are all options here, and at homify you can find lots of ideas for how to make the most of your pool. The other alternative, though, is to have a pool constructed from scratch in your house. This may seem like a lot of effort, but many people find this to be worth it as it enables them to have a pool that perfectly meets their needs and aspirations. Combine an outdoor pool with a modern summer house and you have a winning combination for those long, lazy summer days.

What does a modern house cost?

It is not always true that modern, or newly built houses and apartments always cost more than older properties, whether to buy or to rent. In fact, the opposite is often the case. A search on local estate agent websites will show you that there are modern houses in almost every price range, so finding the right place for you within your price range will not be too difficult.

Modern prefabricated houses

If you want a cheaper option when it comes to buying a modern house, then a prefabricated house can be a very smart choice. Prefabricated homes tend to have a relatively homogeneous structure, however this can actually be an advantage when it comes to designing a home as it gives you something easy and straightforward to work with: a blank canvas on which to project all of your modern interior design dreams.

Modern interior design ideas

homify is brimming with great modern interior design ideas. Whether you want to combine metallic colours and textures to create a futuristic home or whether you would prefer to create a rustic theme, the team at homify will be able to inspire you. 

Modern houses in the Bauhaus style

The German Bauhaus school brought arts and crafts into the mainstream modern house. This school was in existence between 1919 and 1933, and the name ’Bauhaus’ simply translates as ’building school’ or ’school of construction’. Characterised by playful and abstract forms and rich colours, the Bauhaus style is perfect for giving your home an arty and elegant feel. But, as the name ’school of construction’ suggests, Bauhaus homes are also robust and practical. Bauhaus design is also typified by subtlety: look closely at a light fixture, table, or house made in the Bauhaus style and what at first sight seems to be a simple and unobtrusive design shows itself to be something featuring some stunning craftsmanship.

Modern passive houses

The name ’passive house’ may sound a little mysterious, but in short this is the perfect modern house style for anyone who cares about the environment. A passive house is designed to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint, and typically features solar design, heat insulation, and green solutions for dealing with waste, water, and energy.

Modern concrete houses

Ever since, relatively recently, concrete became an important part of design history, it has proved itself to be a versatile material for modern house design. Concrete houses are perfectly suited to interior design in the industrial style, but they are so versatile that they can be turned into any type of modern house that you like using homify’s tips and tricks.

More house styles

Scandinavian houses

Associated with simple elegance, and a breezy design, a Scandinavian style house will typically involve plenty of gleaming pine floors, pine furniture, and rectangular units for storing and displaying books, plants, kitchen utensils and more. Pale hues create a sense of space in this type of modern house, whilst the addition of traditional knitted Nordic textile in the throws and rugs will help to complete the Scandinavian feel.

Eclectic houses

Think outside the box with an eclectic house. An eclectic house can be various things: a mish-mash of different modern house design styles (such as Scandinavian and industrial), a collection of rooms all decorated in different colour schemes, or a happy blend of modern furniture and old family treasures. homify has plenty of ideas for creating an eclectic modern house, or you can draw together several of the different modern house themes that the team at homify has put together.

Industrial houses

Go for a durable and functional aesthetic with an industrial style house. Think plenty of exposed brick, metal light fixtures, simple and unfussy design and a sense of the mechanics of the house working together to create something strong and bold. Whilst an industrial style modern house can be spare, and even Spartan, if that is what you like, you can also create a delightful contrast by adorning concrete walls with rich and soft tapestries, and turning rectangular industrial style furniture into cosy nooks with the addition of plush cushions and throws. The industrial and the relaxing can go hand in hand in a modern house, and homify will be able to help you to find that perfect pairing of powerful industrial edges and relaxing lighting and textiles.

Rustic houses

Who said that the rustic and the modern are polar opposites? Using homify’s design ideas, you can create a rustic style house this is still modern and functional. For a rustic modern house, try mixing classic elements such as patchwork quilts and farmhouse style wooden dining tables with a minimalist aesthetic. Use clean, pale colours on the walls and opt for a simple and sparse design when it comes to light fittings and furniture. Or, you can convey rusticity in your modern house using colour. Warm terracotta hues, rich earthy shades, and verdant greens are all great shades for making your modern house into a beautiful rustic retreat.