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Infinity Pool: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Infinity pools

A swimming pool in which water seems to be flowing over the edges is known as an infinity pool. Sometimes they are also called endless pools. Often they are built to merge seamlessly with the surrounding scenery. Infinity pools are built on the cliffs or against the backdrop of impressive scenery.

Swimming pools were once considered a prized possession. They were reserved for a privileged few. But this is no longer the case. The proliferation of condos and terraced houses with pools made them accessible to many. Advancement of technology ensured that you too can build a swimming pool right on your terrace and enjoy the benefits of having the same without worrying too much about a lack of space in your backyard. In fact, the popularity of swimming pools has grown so much that the modern homeowners crave for something even better – infinity pools.

How does infinity pool work? 

Infinity pools are designed with walls that come up to the water level but not beyond it. The water falls into a basin just hidden behind the main wall. It is known as catch pool. Water collected here is pumped back to the main system and injected in the pool once again. 

Designing the catch pool can be tricky. It must be deep enough to collect the overflowing water, but not so deep that water level remains low all the time. The catch pool is designed with its own pumping mechanism. If you boast of a beachside villa in Singapore, you can position your infinity swimming pool against the backdrop of ocean. The city’s vista may not be too bad a choice either.  

How can I design an infinity pool?

Check out the stunning infinity pools images on homify. Choose infinity pool designs that can be replicated in the available space. You may choose your garden of terrace for this purpose. Just remember, even small infinity pools need greater space than ordinary swimming pools.

To discuss your requirements in further detail speak with a pool designer. Many people also like going the DIY way. If you are one of them, then start by reinforcing the ground on which the pool is about to be built. 

Set the edges of the catch pool and the main wall. Use specialised mortar called gunite to seal the ground and build the base. Plan plumbing for the space or seek help from expert plumbers.

You may like to add a waterfall on the opposite side of the vanishing edge. Use stones and water plants to decorate the wall behind the waterfall. Give it a natural look. You will have to wait 7 to 10 days for the mortar to completely dry out. 

Opt for proper pool illumination. This also is an important safety requirement. You will need LED pool lights to work underwater. You may choose from the in ground or above ground versions. For a dramatic effect, you can also opt for a system that regulates the colour of the lights. Once everything is in order, you can then begin the operation of your dream pool.   

Maintenance of an infinity pool

The catch basin needs regular cleaning. You will have to ensure that the plumbing and illumination work in perfect order year round. Cleaning the water filters also adds to the cost of maintenance. The frequency of cleaning will largely depend on the quality of water in your region. You will also have to repair the damages in the entire structure, fix the leakages if any and upgrade the colour and tiles of the pool area from time to time. Keep the pool covered when not in use.

The maintenance cost of your infinity pool may exceed SGD 300, especially if you need help to carry out these small but repetitive tasks. You can bring it down considerably by managing most of the tasks by yourself.

Pros and Cons of building an infinity pool

An infinity pool has obvious attractions and is one of the most coveted features for most home owners. Having one immediately increases the style and value of your residence. Using it would be a great relief during those long summer days. 

However, maintaining an infinity pool is often more cumbersome than regular pools. They require a larger than normal space to be built. You may not fully enjoy the benefits of having one, if your house does not offer a scenic view. The installation cost is far higher than regular swimming pools. Infinity pool designs are not child friendly. It is easy to fall over the edge into the catch basin and you should be particularly careful if you have children at home. 

How much does building infinity pool cost?

The cost of building an infinity pool depends on the size of the pool and also the site on which it is about to be built. The cost of building a pool like this in a family home in Singapore would be between SGD 35,000 and 50,000. If you are building this type pool in your mountain cottage which you use as a holiday retreat, then the cost may go above SGD 60,000. Mountainous terrain needs greater reinforcing. Hence, the higher price of building a pool with a vanishing edge.