Inside-doors: Design ideas, inspiration & pictures

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What are some of the inside door designs available for my home?

Doors are an indispensable architectural feature of a home. It is impossible to design a stylish and comfortable home without the right type of doors. Doors are necessary not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also to improve the security of the interiors. They are essential for providing insulation to the interior of your house. Doors also act as sound barriers and help you design a peaceful interior. When it comes to choosing the right interior doors, you are almost spoilt for choices.

Panel doors boast of a traditional design, but its popularity doesn’t seem to wane with time. They are installed in the exterior or interior of the building. Panel doors make use of wood, metal, glass, plywood or fibreglass as their base materials. These doors combine the door frame and panels with vertical and horizontal rails. Sometimes glass doors are designed with wooden door frame and glass panels. These doors are very useful to beautify the living room, dining parlour and terrace. You may opt French doors with glass panels in those areas of your home that have direct access to the garden, balcony or terrace.

Flush doors are very common in the modern homes of Singapore. They boast of a simple but trendy design. Depending on the type of material in use, you may buy flush doors in a variety of colours. They are lightweight and boast of an age friendly design. Bifold doors are useful in such areas of your home which have wider than normal door openings. Some of the examples include bedroom doors that give access to the terrace or living room doors that welcome the guests inside the house.

Sliding doors are a contemporary favourite. When opened they don’t take up additional space which comes as a boon to the owners of small apartments in Singapore. You may install sliding doors in your living room, terrace, bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. Due to their nature of design, they provide quality insulation to the interiors. You may consider installing sliding doors made of wood, metal, glass or a combination of all three. Japanese style sliding doors with shoji screens will give your home a very elegant feel.

Pocket doors, once a very popular choice in the classical homes, is slowly becoming fashionable once again. They are a variation of the sliding doors. The door, in this case, hides inside the slit of the wall of behind the furniture. Louver doors help ventilating the interiors and also let diffused light flow inside the rooms. They have a shutter like look and fit the interiors of country home.

Which materials should I select for the interior doors of my house?

Wood is an age old choice and highly appreciated to this date. Wooden doors are graceful, long lasting and capable of providing adequate security in the interiors of your home. Along with the internal doors, you may install wooden exterior doors as well. Wooden doors are not exactly cost effective though. You may need to spend greater than SGD 2500 for a wooden door in your home. Doors made of steel cost about the same. They are very durable and particularly useful for high security areas of your home. You may also consider installing steel doors with a plywood cover and maintain the beauty and security of the interiors.

The use of aluminium is quite common in the modern homes. They are quite durable and look chic in a industrially designed contemporary home. Flush doors made of uPVC are preferred for their affordability and lightweight design. Fibreglass doors are also available in a variety of special colours and designs. While fibreglass doors cost about SGD 1200 or more, uPVC doors are available in less than SGD 800. Glass is another common door material which helps you design a flowing and breezy space.

What should I look for while choosing an interior door for my home in Singapore?

Before purchasing a prefabricated door scrupulously measure the door openings. Double check your measurements to avoid any accidental mistake. Choose quality door materials that are durable and easy to maintain. It is not easy to replace the doors of the building too frequently. One may also drain a lot of money in doing so. The same applies for buying the door hardware. If you have kids at home, install child safe locks. For a quality job, always seek the help of an expert door installer to install the doors in your home.

Which hardware is available for the interior doors?

Install high quality and, when needed, kid safe locking systems in your home. You may choose between Mortise locks, deadbolts and Cam locks. All of them provide varied amount of security to the interiors. Padlocks and knoblocks are more common in the internal doors which need slightly lower amount of security than the front doors. You may also decorate your doors with stylish door handles and hinges. Internal doors are generally installed with a couple of hinges. Choose hinges that match the rest of the door hardware in colour and design.  

How to give the inside door a fine finish?

Clean the door and polish the hardware periodically. To maintain the health and beauty of the wooden doors, varnish them once in about four or five years. Install matching hardware to give your interior doors a stylish makeover. Keep the hinges and joints in good shape. Use soft cloth to remove loose dust from the surface. Decorate the door with empty photo frames, small mirrors or wreaths. Don’t forget to dress them up during the festive seasons using flowers and green foliage.